Outlook Express- Forgetting who I BCCed

Sometimes I want to know who all the recipients of an email I sent to someone were. Unfortunately, if I click on “Sent Items” to attempt to see who I sent a particular email to, the only person showing up as it being sent to is the main individual, not all the others that were sent the mail using the BCC feature.

Is there some other way to see who the BCC recipients were that I’m not aware of? Is there an app one can download if this feature not already integral in OE?

Possible idea (I use Eudora, not OE): Is there a way to “Send Again” for a message you already sent? That might show you the BCCs. (Just look, don’t actually send it again. You might want to do this on a test message to yourself, with a secondary address as the BCC.)

No, just an option to forward, but it doesn’t show your old BCC recipients.

Haven’t tried it, but this says:
See a Sent Message’s Bcc Recipients in Windows Mail or Outlook Express


Awesome! Thanks, Gfactor! This has been bugging me for a few years now and I couldn’t find the answer using Google.

Well, that’s how I found it, but I’m glad to help out. :wink:

I can see all of my bcc recipients when I double-click on the message in the preview pane. Doing this causes the sent message to open in a new window and all bcc recipients are displayed.

ETA: I just noticed this was about express - not sure if this works there but don’t know why it shouldn’t.

I’m on Mac Mail. To get a list of BCC recipients, I go to the Sent file, click on the email to highlight, then right click, then click on Redirect. A piece o’ pie and easy as cake.