Outlook Express question about Blocked Senders

How does my own e-mail address end up on my Blocked Senders list? It’s happened several times. I notice it when I send mail to my Yahoo group and it doesn’t get to my mailbox. I check the Blocked Senders list and there it is.

I am nowhere near a specialist, but I do know that some spam will use your own address as part of the from address. So maybe when you block the spam, you are accidentally blocking your own address?

I no longer use OE, but I think there is a way whitelist an address. Stick your email address on it, and this will prevent the problem. I’m sure googling “Outlook express” whitelist will give you information.

Thanks! That must be it. Should I be able to see my address in the gobbledegook that’s the spammer’s address?

I’m wondering if using Block Sender is worth the extra clicks, since the spammers seem to keep using different addresses with each e-mail.

I’ve seen my own address ‘spoofed’ as an incoming message, so, yes, I put it on the blocked list. I’m not going to send myself messages anyway.

Maybe if your email address weren’t bUyV1AGGGRazZ11!6@spam.spam, you wouldn’t be getting blocked as much.

:slight_smile: Hadn’t thought of that. But it’s so hard to think of a new addy!

BigT, if my address is “spoofed”, will I see it in the spammer e-mail or is it hidden?