Outlook express question

As it seems my computer is intent on destroying itself, I’m trying to back up everything I can ASAP. This includes received mail in OE. The problem with moving them individually is that they’re almost all the same subject line, and as that’s how it’s saved, I can’t do a real drag-n-drop. Do I have other options when attempting to move them to other drives?

Thanks again

Yes. You can open OE, and go to Tools>Options>Maintenance, and click the “Store Folder” button. That is the directory where your mail is kept. You can copy that whole folder to another drive, and restore it later.

I do this all the time at work when my users get new machines, and it’s the quickest and most painless way I have found to do it.

Also don’t forget to back up your Address Book (search for *.wab) and your mail settings (go to Tools|Accounts, click the Mail tab, select each account, and hit Export). Unfortunately these .iaf files don’t always re-import correctly, so you should have your settings written down as well.