Outlook filtering question

I’m trying to set up a particular View in my Tasks in Outlook so that if the subject contains any one of three different keywords, it filters out that task.

I can easily set up a filter through the “Advanced” tab under “Customise Views” that allows me a View that only shows tasks that don’t contain one keyword, but if you put in more than one such criteria through the Advanced tab the View just shows everything, because Outlook defaults to “or” not “and” between these criteria.

There’s an article here that discusses a similar issue. This suggests that you just go to the SQL filter tab and manually change the "OR’s to "AND’S which I had already thought of, but it doesn’t work for me.

I eventually discovered that as soon as I check the “Edit these criteria directly” check box to allow me to change “OR” to “AND” the filter just stops working. Period.

If I use the Advanced tab to set up a single “does not contain” filter, it works, but as soon as I go back and check the “Edit these criteria” check box (without even editing anything), the filter just stops working.

Anyone have any ideas?

Disclaimer: I have not used Outlook for a while now, so this may have no relation to reality.

Maybe I misunderstand what you’re trying to do, but- can’t you set up three different filters, one for each keyword? Or what are you trying to do? Or is that not possible anymore?

No you do misunderstand. I want one view that shows tasks that don’t have any one of three characteristics. In other words, a filter that says “show any task that doesn’t contain A and doesn’t contain B and doesn’t contain C”

The problem with Outlook’s filter builder is that by default, if you try to set up a filter with three “doesn’t contain” requirements it will write code that says “anything that doesn’t contain A or doesn’t contain B or doesn’t contain C”, which only actually filters out tasks with A and B and C.