Outlook forgets my email!

I went to outlook.com to make a new separate email address that I needed for something. I make my account and everything and log in, then I try to access it a couple days later and it says it doesn’t exist.

What’s even more ridiculous is that when I go to register another email address and I try the email address that I had before that it’s not logging me into, it says that it’s taken!

Ugh, now I got to register another email and the one name that I did think was good has now been lost and I cannot register it.

After doing some research I’m not seeing any easy answers, you will probably have to write them.

If you just need a throwaway e-mail and don’t care about other people seeing the mail or long-term message storage, http://mailinator.com/ is very easy to use. Just make up an address like sdmb@mailinator.com and mailinator.com will accept the mail, then you can go there to read the message.

Thanks control-z. It really isn’t that big of a deal as I really had no emails in there. I am just going to have to make a new email account. I created a new email because I started a new message board, so I wanted a separate email just for that (because Gmail reveals too much of your information because I am on Google+). The only problem is getting a new email address because so many of the ones that I want are taken.