Over here, Shayna.

Cake or death, motherfucker?

I asked for the vegetarian.

I can’t see anyway a successful Pit thread cannot include this line!

It’s like a Susan Howatch novel!

Yeah? Well, you know, that’s just like, uh, their opinion, man.

I’m not familiar with Joepiscopolian interpretation but could you explain how nuns are the physical manifestation of His spiritual will in less words?

Please. That’s L_L. Show some respect. :smiley:

Yeah, well. The Dude abides.

Nuns are adopting pit bulls. If god absolutely positively were dead set against it, he could shoot lightning bolts at the nuns to stop these adoptions.

If every time a nun attempted to adopt a pit bull she got exploded by lightning, the sisters would get the message pretty damn quick.

So, I’m thinking he wants nuns to adopt pit bulls. Read Revelations.

Bullshit. Its, l_t’s g_ d__n t_ t_e q____y a_d t___w s___f i_ t___e.


Shayna has never had any difficulty speaking for herself, but on this point, I feel confident in saying that she’s Jewish, and I doubt she believes, as a matter of theology, that nuns are voiceboxes of the Lord.

It also seems abundantly clear that you mistook a general laudatory comment for some sort of theological pronouncement, but undoubtedly Shayna can clarify that aspect of things better than I.

A benevolent god would never have allowed that stupid pit bull thread to go on for 30 pages.

Took me a second.

Don’t even go there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the pit bull/nun story was sweet. On the page where I read it, there was a link to a story (plus pics) of a pit bull puppy who was born with no front legs. The puppy now has a home and a doggie wheelchair. Did everyone get to see that one too?

Who’s this “Joe” fella now?

Just got off the phone with God. He told me He’s actually more of a cat person.

Clearly God has a sense of humor.

“Revelation”, um…(it’s the Pit)…dag nab it!

Cats (think they) are gods, that is why they annoy god so. Especially that damn Bastet.

Shayna accused God of liking pit bulls. That’s deplorable.
The only thing worse than that is nuns adopting pit bulls with no legs. That’s despicable.
The only thing worse than that is Colin Farrell raping a 14 year old, on screen, no less! That’s heinous!
The only thing worse than that is the studio allowing that film to be made! That’s reprehensible!

Keep fighting the good fight, Cartooniverse! It’s taking longer than you thought!