Over here, Shayna.

In your post # 938 in this thread on Pit Bulls, you said:

Now, you and other Dopers decided to turn my remarks into a personal attack. Fascinating, but not relevant. You unilaterally have decided that God ( which is how I write out the name of God, and is in NO WAY a remark upon how you write out the name, which in your method is " G-d " ) speaks through nuns. Interesting.

God is God. He/She/It is everywhere and in all time simultaneously. To remark that God somehow isn’t willfully ignorant because he prompts nuns to adopt dogs is, well, amazing to me. And mighty disrespectful.

I’m Episcopalian, not Roman Catholic and so if you are to educate me here ( opposed to pitching in on some side-flame ), go for it. Nuns are in fact the voiceboxes of The Almightly Lord? Really. Some chapter and verse on that if you please?

Otherwise, you were mighty offensive in that posting. Do nuns live their lives in the service of God? It is apparently so. Are they the physical manifestation of his spiritual will? Not in so many words. Are they moved in of their own accord to behave in a manner that they believe is in the service of God. It is apparently so.

I thank you for the laugh you gave to me when you said


Please tell me- tell us all- what it is like to know the thoughts of The Almighty Lord God.

You look childish here. Your pitting is stupid and you should feel bad.

Dude, no.

Bitch, yes.

Works for me. People who declare they know the mind of God are generally pit-worthy.

I know this because God told me so.

Everyone who believes in him thinks they know the mind of god.

Yeah, this has got to be one of the most lame pittings I’ve ever seen.

You are taking Shayna’s comment way too seriously. And you look stupid doing it.

Couldn’t be farther from the truth, at least for me. I haven’t a clue what God thinks or wants. Not a clue.

Others, apparently know that he wants nuns to adopt pit bulls. Hence my fascination with the post in the other thread.

If you believe in a supreme being you definitely do have notions about what your god thinks.

Amazing how so many people believe that God thinks, likes and hates exactly what they think, like and hate.

I don’t presume to speak for the dude. Enough people fuck that up already.

God is a male…(with a penis, oh yes God penis…), with a beard, who floats on a cloud. He is needy, He requires things, and people make Him cry. We can all agree on that much, right?
Pit-bulls, G-d loves them, but in a tentative, afraid they might snap kind of way.
Nuns, G man is in favor. Especially young Latina Nuns.

Then why worship him at all?

There’s your problem right there. Any thread that goes on that long is at the point where you just need to ignore it.

Isn’t the whole reason why there are different sects of religion is because each group thinks they know what God wants?

What God wants; God gets.

God help us all.

(Amused to Death)

This is a stupid pitting. Let me explain to you the various reasons it is a stupid pitting.

  1. When you linked to the thread you were pitting, you didn’t link to the comment you were pitting. The comment you found objectionable was 938, but instead of linking to it, you linked to “page 19”, and, for me, at least, the first comment on there is comment 721.

  2. You seem to believe that Shayna thinks that nuns are themselves physical manifestations of God, and you’re pitting her for what you consider to be blasphemy. This is a remarkably stupid interpretation to put on her comment. You’re not only reaching, you’ve gotten a collapsible ladder and one of those grasping extenders.

  3. You’re pitting, by association, a bunch of nuns who rescued an abandoned dog from being euthanized. This is a courageous stance. Not many people are pro pet killing.


Using “G-d” is a Jewish custom. (I don’t know if Shayna is Jewish or not, but that’s where it comes from)

Oh, and that’s a really kickass story.

While my remark was intended toward the OP, I will take this comment anyway, as it has entertained me. polite clap

I can’t see any way a successful Pit thread can include this line.