Over-the-counter medication suggestion (mild TMI)

Okay, so every time I get a cold, I end up with very thin, runny mucus for a few days. Unfortunately, I prefer to sleep on my stomach, which is right out when it involves leaking copious amounts of watery snot onto my pillow. What I’m in need of here is something that will either dry the ol’ mucus up completely, or at least thicken it enough that my nose doesn’t do its best leaky-faucet impression every time my head tilts below the horizon by more than a few degrees.

So, does anything exist that might help me, or am I fated to spend the next several nights trying (unsuccessfully) to fall asleep on my back? My nose is in your hands.

put a nice plushy towel on the pillow, drool and snot away in relative comfort…

I am an inveterate stomach/3 quarter sleeper…the only times I have slept on my back were when I was in traction. I even managed to figure a way to sleep on my stomach with an IV jammed in the back of my left hand.

I find a combination of nasonex and guaifenesen followed anally on schedule from the first throat tickle can actually totally supress any and all nasal symptoms [of course I also go through at least a gallon of water a day] leaving my sinuses clear as a whistle without the snot drain problem, it thins out the mucus so it drains naturally down the back of the throat, and the spray reduces the inflammation reaction in the sinus cavity itself. Coupled with a morning rinse out of the sinuses in the shower, Bob’s your uncle=) [or if you like Pterry, Bjorn Stronginthearm’s your uncle=)]

My boyfriend swears by Mucinex for drying up runny noses and clearing up congestion. There are a lot of positive customer reviews in that link; it seems to do the job for a lot of people.