Over-use of "girl" and "baby" in rock n roll song lyrics

I think Robert Plant used the word “baby” more than any other singer in rock and roll. Any others “baby” abusers you can think of?

In the Bob Seger ‘classic’ “Still the same”, the background singers go “baby, babe your still the same”.

It may not be overuse per se, but ‘baby babe’ is heinous, IMHO.

Friend of mine in college listened to the entire Led Zepplin collection and counted the number of audible, discernible “babys”. I don’t recall the number, but it was well into the thousands. Youch!

Don’t they all to do it? Beatles, Cheryl Crow, Madonna, U2, Stones,…

Yeah baby, uh-huh, girl…oh yeah-yeah!

A ban on “baby”, “girl”, or “woman” in rock music would have roughly the same effect as a ban on G chords, or playing in 4/4. Would be funny, though…

For those of you who are interested, a scientific experiment has already been done on this subject. With Pink Floyd as the standard, of course.

U2? Let’s see. I only have their newest, but…
Stuck In A Moment = 1 baby, 0 girls (1 darling sigh, Irish men)

In A Little While = 0 babies, 3 girls But the song is about “his girl” who is now grown so how else would you say that?

No others on the CD. Is that too many? Maybe Bono’s getting better?

Don’t forget;

“…the way it used to be…” or “…the way we used to be…”

also, “Yea’”, was, and is overused by many, many artists.

DUDE! I saw the subject line and thought “Zeppelin–no quesiton.” I have a drinking game based around this belief–one drink every time Robert says:

  • Baby
  • Girl
  • Little girl
  • Woman
  • Hey hey
  • Yeah
  • Oh yeah
  • Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

I also have a The Song Remains the Same drinking game, if anyone’s interested.
You know, upon thinking about it, The Ramones used “girl” and “baby” a lot, too. But I can’t recall ever hearing the Sex Pistols or the Clash use it.