Overlooked/underappreciated music (rock)

Fleetwood Mac: 1970-1974 after Peter Green and the Chicago blues years (especially check out “Bare Trees” and “Penguin”)and before the Buckingham/Nicks years.

J. Geils Band: 1980’s “Love Stinks”. MUCH better (IMHO) than the follow up “Freeze Frame”

Please add to the list.

Rick Vito (guitar) – his solo work deserves some notice.

The Bonzo Dog Band, of course.


Siegal Schwall Band

Kak (one superb album)

The original Renaissance (the ex-Yardbird version, not “Ashes are Burning”).


Soft Machine


Bad Brains … see album covers at :


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I would say the first fourteen albums on my list + XTC (well, PJ Harvey is well recognized)

I’d like to especially mention Nick Drake, Kate Bush, Elliott Smith, and XTC.

Chris Rea. I have no understanding why he’s not better known here. [Chris]http://www.helsinki.fi/~wikgren/chrisrea.html]Chris[/URL"] Rea Home Page](http://www.helsinki.fi/~wikgren/chrisrea.html)

And . . . Jesse Winchester. Jesse Winchester Studio

That’s just rock, don’t get me started on jazz!

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Penneywise, nofx, snuff, unwritten law, bad religion, the decendents, and all of the other punk-rock bands that are on tour 47 weeks a year. these are the hardest workers in rock n’ roll today

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Danny Gatton. He’s dead now, but man, he was good.

Joe Satriani. He’s alive, and still good.


Show some respect for yer elders. I was into Bad Religion when you were watching Sesame Street!

And my first show was The Ramones, in their prime, in a small club.

Suicidal Tendencies. It is an eternal mystery why they never got the recognition they deserved, esp. in guitar publications. I have several hundred guitar magazines and there is like one ST transcription and two articles. What’s up with that?

Rocky George was a monster! Mike Clark was the riff-meister Hetfield wishes he could be! ST in all it’s incarnations, as well as Infectous Grooves just kicks my ass.

Oh, Slo Burn kicked ass too.

BTW, it may interest the children on the board to note that Pennywise is charting as we speak with “Alien” - you’re not overlooked if you’re in the Billboard 100; NOFX has religiously avoided mainstream popularity - you can’t be overlooked if you are hiding on purpose, and Bad Religion fucked Epitath years ago for the infamous “major label deal” - not really overlooked, just over shadowed by fellow musical whores Offspring.

John Hiatt
Delbert McClinton

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Leslie West, the guitarist for Mountain, is overlooked, even though he was really good. And The Pretty Things are amazing. They’re this British Invasion band, and they were just as good as the Stones, the Beatles, the Byrds, etc. (no offense to those bands–I love them too) And I always really felt sorry for Christine McVie, the girl from Fleetwood Mac who wasn’t Stevie Nicks. And John Entwisle (sp?), the member of the Who who wasn’t Pete Townshed, Roger Daltrey, or Keith Moon.

You must listen to Cheap Trick’s “Standing On The Edge”. Without Cheap Trick’s influence, many of today’s “rock” bands have said they would not have gotten into the biz.

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Thanks to MissTangerine for the nod to Christine McVie. She (Christine, that is) is a brilliant songwriter/keyboardist. If you get a chance to listen to “Bare Trees”. The track “Homeward Bound” is a nice little rocker. I hope Christine will release a new solo disc. Her last one was in 1984. Even though she some of Mac’s biggest hits, she was obscured in Stevie’s occasionally hulking shadow (hint: if Stevie looks like she packing on the pounds, it usually means she’s in rehab).

the black crowes

if youve heard any of their live tapes, or seen them in concert you will know.
they have over 100 cover songs in their rotation

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Astrud Gilberto, bossa nova vocalist, known chiefly for “The Girl from Ipanema,” many other fine recordings.

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MissTangerine, how correct you are about Leslie West. Fine player, indeed. A couple of others, who are actually pretty famous, but their playing skills tend to be overlooked, are Glen Campbell & Vince Gill.


Possibly, just possibly, if you are old enough, you have heard their one and only seriously lucrative hit single. Cast yourself back to late 60s…

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This song [DOA] was good, if somewhat morbid, tunes; but quite aside from that, Bloodrock released 4 albums plus a greatest hits album, and the keyboard, vocals, lyrics, and overall tempo caused many of their songs to be spectacular for 1968-70.

Jessica; A Certain Kind; America [“Walking in an empty cement parking lot…”]; Breach of Lease; these in particular come to mind without digging them out to read the album liners…

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