OVERrated underrated bands

It seems like everytime I have ever heard a conversation about underrated bands the same freaking names come up : Rush, Yes, Tragically Hip, etc. Now, I will refrain from giving my opinion of these bands, but it drives me just a little crazy that these bands keep being called unknown and underappreciated when that is obviously not the case. Anyone else agree, or have more nominees for the list?

I agree with you, asstro.

By the way, how’d you get your name?


The Tragically Hip is only underrated in the U.S. You hear about them a lot here because a few of us Canadians keep posting about them. In Canada, they are the #1 band, and every time they put out an album it goes platinum.

In the U.S. I don’t think they’ve cracked the top 40 once.

In Canada they do shows in 16,000 seat arenas, and sell out the day the tickets go on sale. They are starting to get some larger concert gigs in the U.S., but as of a couple of years ago they were still touring clubs on their U.S. dates.

Rush has had a lot of success in the U.S, so I don’t think they are underrated at all.

Misanthrope - It comes from of one of the bands I play in. I’m not gonna say the name because people I know post here and I’d like to stay on the anonymous tip.

Overrated: Pearl Jam (GOD I hate Eddie Vedder), Dave Matthews (tolerable, but not as great as everyone seems to think), and the hideous Metallica.
Underrated: The Smiths/Morrissey, Violent Femmes, and Primus. They’re all fairly well known, but sadly underlistened.

Agreed on Primus, Les Claypool is one of the greatest base players I ever seen. All their albums are great

-Cadillac Tramps
-Social Distortion
-Reverend Horton Heat (This one people just need to see)
-Todd Rundgren
-Matthew Sweet

-Pearl Jam (AGREED)

I also agree on the rev, you just need to see him live to appreciate him

Same goes for Oingo Boingo, people only think of them as “the weird science” guys… they are incredible live…

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Dave Matthews is incredibly overrated. I was dragged to a show free of charge and still felt ripped off. My time is worth more than that.

Anybody remember The Busboys? How about Mother’s Finest? They were underrated IMHO.

Oh, and yes: Rush is way overrated. But the most overrated band ever has got to be the Eagles. God, am I the only guy who grew up in the 70’s that thinks they are lame as shit? Also, Eric Clapton is good. But he’s not that damn good. I better go now.

A few (underrated) that come to mind offhand: Love (Arthur Lee, late 60’s), Spirit, Richard Thompson, Big Star (Alex Chilton, Chris Bell).

You mean Oingo Boingo WERE underrated. I heard they broke up…no more dead mans party at the Irvine Ampitheater…I miss those days

Pearl Jam overrated? Definitely. Eddie Vedder seems to think that’s there’s some deep world-wide significance behind everything he does. Who the hell cares?