Overweight sex is dangerous!

Not so much “I’m coming!” but “We’re falling!:slight_smile:

You’ve got to both empathise and laugh.

I have to say that’s a pretty awesome story!

That’s a fake news “satire” site. But I’m sure you knew that.

Anyone who thinks it’s real just needs to scroll down.

What a strange satire, I’m not entirely sure what the joke is. Is it really just, “Fat people having sex”? I suppose they can’t all be good ones.

It’s really not satire. It’s clickbait fake news. But if someone calls them on it they can say “it’s all a joke!”

Unless they were having sex on the roof, it would be difficult for them to fall 3 storeys from that building.

Like this thread then.


As you have now done?

There are Dopers who have admitted being severely overweight, though not at that level. I guess they have sex.

I bet they’re laughing till they cry right now, too. Right?

What on earth are you trying to say? That it’s still ok to point and laugh at fat people? Or are you just trying to disguise the fact that this non-story had taken you in?

This sequence of posts makes me want to say bad things about you. This is not a new thing.

I had a buddy whose Mom was very overweight like 300 pounds or more, she was also very tall, on her wedding night to his stepdad who weighed over 400 pounds they broke the bed in their sexual enthusiasm. At their house they had all this diet food but they would eat twice as much as a normal person so I guess they always ended up breaking even.

All I know about overweight sex is it’s Missionary Impossible.

WNDR is a fake-news website a la The Onion. The first time I ever saw a story from them, it was about a rural restaurant that was discovered to be serving dog meat, and I instantly knew it was fake when one of the “employees” was named Obamanique.

I know for a fact that this kind of mishap can happen to anyone, depending on where they put you up for the night when you travel.

I broke my bed plonking on the side to put my socks on.

I weigh 70kg.

Loach beat you to stating what we already knew.

"Man crashes into river after attempting to give himself a blowjob while driving"

Holy shit that made me laugh! :smiley:

It still doesn’t explain why you created this thread.