Perhaps this lady should diet? What a day she had.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

:stuck_out_tongue: Well, at least they didn’t reveal her name. I think she may want to take karma’s hint and diet.

It took a crane to get her out? :smiley:


Haha, let’s point and laugh at a fat person’s misfortune!

I hope she sues their ass off. I have weighed well over 300 pounds before, and a sidewalk should not give way under that kind of weight.

And you, op, are a jerk.

I think smokers, alcoholics, and drug addicts should just stop. I think promiscuous people should just stop sleeping around. I think poor people should just stop spending money on anything frivolous or pleasurable (and for God’s sakes, they sure better not have kids). Anyone who has a problem that I don’t struggle with must just not be trying hard enough, or maybe they’re just morally inferior.
We all have our vices, and we all love judging others. Fat people suffer a lot, and most them will die earlier than their time because of it. They really don’t deserve any more contempt or abuse. Thank goodness this lady wasn’t horribly injured or killed.

Lighten up. It’s a fun post on a dreary rainy day.

The lady’s name is never revealed in the article. She isn’t being humiliated. She was the victim of a really bizarre accident.

She wasn’t hurt badly. I wouldn’t have posted if this was a serious accident. It’s just a weird, wacky story. Something she can joke about with her grandkids twenty years from now. “Did you know grandma fell through a sidewalk long long ago?” Her grandkids will love the story.

We’re not supposed to laugh at something that’s cartoonishly, comically funny because she’s obese?

Bahhh the PC crowd.

If an alcoholic drown in a vat of vodka that would be darkly funny.

If a pot head ended up having EMS have to show up because he got his head stuck in a clay pot because he was high that would be funny.

And so on an so on.

You don’t have to be a fatty hater to think this is funny. You just have to a sicko that thinks dead baby jokes are funny.

yea it funny when peepl fall dwn

No, it’s a stupid post and it’s not even funny. The entire “joke” is LOL FAT PERSON!! If you genuinely got a barrel of yuks from this story then I think that as a community we need to come together and fund your enrollment to Remedial Comedy School.

Both funny and sad. The fatties need to calm down and get a sense of humour.

Autopsy report:

Cause of death. Slow metabolism.

I hope the woman gets even fatter to piss off the obesity police.

I rolled 312 at the doctor’s office this week.:frowning:

I’m a big guy, but not point and laugh big. Not Dolly Dimples big. More like, “what a lardass. Do some situps” big.

I would see the irony and humor of falling through a fucking sidewalk. 'tis no one’s fault but mine.

Still, I run pretty fast for a fat guy, so you may not want to hang around until I get out.:smiley:

So, why was it funny that they had to use a crane to get her out?

Pretty dickish, OP.

I would have said overbearing but thats just me.

Would it still be funny if it was a delivery person with a loaded handtruck? That could have happened to me, and I am on the slender side.

The sidewalk was unsafe and I’m glad the lady wasn’t seriously hurt. After reading the article and looking at the pics, I’d guess that they used the “high tech crane-like device” because she had back and shoulder pain and couldn’t climb a ladder.

Portable tripods with body harnesses and winches are pretty standard EMT equipment, for extracting people injured while working in confined spaces. It reduced back injuries to the responders as much as gets the injured party out quickly.

So, what would your reaction be if it had been a famous, wealthy line-backer who weighted the same amount?
I’m sure it would be more along the lines of, “Oh, the horror, what a tragic accident.” It’s all in perception.
It’s standard practice to lift people who fall more than a few feet with a “crane” It’s to protect their spine. If the medics had not used it, no matter what her weight, they would have been in trouble.

So what, if her name isn’t revealed? Do you think if she were a member of this board, reading your post, she wouldn’t be just as mortified?

Many of us here have struggled with weight. We are not a protected class, but when you insult one of us, you insult all of us.

Yeah, I’m sure none of the EMTs wanted to risk a back injury pulling her out.

This whole story has a cartoonish or even Three Stooges feel to it. It’s the situation thats hilarious. Like an anvil dropping on Wile E Coyote’s head. Or all the weird things that happened to the Three Stooges. Falling through a sidewalk could come right from their scripts. I remember a icebox sliding down these steps and the Stooges running from it. Great situation comedy.

It’s only funny of course if no one is seriously hurt. The Stooges taught us that.