I Pit Drunks Falling on Subway Tracks

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Sophia Hartdegen, what the fuck were you thinking? You weigh maybe 100lbs and drank “four, 22-ounce beers.” To add to your idiocy, your job is neuroprotective research assistant at Mass General Hospital. Will you need a helmet to get through the rest of your life you moron?

I also don’t think you “fell”. In the footage, it doesn’t look like a drunken tumble. You have probably scarred the subway driver for life by your antics.

I read one story which said she was trying to stub out a cigarette (which led me to wonder whether you’re allowed to smoke on the MTA).

But yes: stupid woman.

Actually, the MBTA bans smoking in Boston stations

Are you suggsting it was a suicide attempt or a prank?

She sure looked drunk to me. Watch her on the tracks failing to get up. Seemed smashed to me. Besides, I would presume she got a blood alcohol test after that which would tell the story of whether she was wasted or playing some game.

While the train driver is being held out as doing a great job I have to wonder why she wasn’t slowing down sooner. She had to see the people waving and should have had a “WTF” moment and slowed down. Instead she seemed (by her own words) to keep going till she personally saw the woman on the tracks.

(In the video footage I saw on TV, the camera somehow put rectangles over moving objects on the tape. What is this? What purpose does it serve?)

Meh, as far as acts of drunken stupidity goes, falling down doesn’t even register. Bad time and place, but it’s not like you get to pick.

All of you can go and shove your sanctimony up your ass.

The girl drank too much. She wanted to get home. She fell down and almost died.

What the fuck would you have her do? Hop in her car and drive?

This inane “pitting” just goes to show that you can’t win em all.

Plenty of people have gotten absolutely smashed and done incredibly stupid things, myself included Her luck was to have it captured on camera so that the world could see and write pit threads. I feel bad for her, it must be incredibly embarassing.

I agree. She got smashed and fell down. It happens. Bummer of a place for it, but if she’d fallen down the stairs onto the platform instead of off the platform onto the tracks, nobody would care, even though it’s only a difference of location, not action.

Hah. That’s nothing. I was waiting at the Kendall/MIT red stop line one day after work, and heard shouting. Seems this guy had been on the wrong side of the station for the direction of train he wanted to take. At this stop there are separate sides to get to the different directions. So instead of going outside and walking to the other side, he decided the best way to get to the side he wanted to be at was to JUMP DOWN ONTO THE TRACKS, cross over, and then try to jump back up on our side.

Now for those who don’t know - the tracks are way below us. When he was standing on our side, the height of the wall he would have to get at was above his head (normal height, heavier guy). And of course, he couldn’t jump up on first try - he tried to put his arms up and pull himself up, but fell backwards, full out on the tracks.

All of us are freaking out. There’s one guy yelling for someone to get someone who works for the MBTA or the police.

The guy finally manages to get up on our side by having a bunch of guys grabbing his arms and pulling (showing some lovely plumber’s crack on the way). The train comes shortly after, but we had to wait for the doors to open. They finally open, because the police had come to take the guy.

Motion detection algorithms built into the recording system. They help alert the person monitoring the system. Movement of people are easier to follow with flickering red or green boxes around them.

Yes it does. Look at this angle.

In British terms, this is only 4 and a half pints. She needs to practice more.

The amount of coverage in the Boston area has gotten so ridiculous, the hate was rising to dangerous levels - like flames on my face.

BBC coverage




Now the whole world can get sick of this woman and her drinking problem.

Not quite.

How many people haven’t got drunk and taken a tumble? Actually, this is the SDMB so I guess not that many. She was just very very unfortunate in where she fell, yet fortunate that the driver and passers-by acted so swiftly. I feel sorry for her, but I’d hardly categorise it as a “drinking problem” - unless she drank all the time and fell over frequently. But to be that pissed up after 4.5 pints, I’d imagine she doesn’t.

What is your point here? International online media rerun interesting videos all the time. This one is interesting and dramatic, and is therefore being repeated.

(BTW, was the hate in Boston being directed towards her, or you?)

You do realize that your lagers and bitters are much weaker than American beers.

Dude, relax. Have a drink.

I’d just like to point out that there was no problem until she STOPPED drinking. :smiley:

They were weaker in the past, but most pub lagers are now around 5% - continental European imports. Bitters are sometimes weaker, but they’re getting up to between 4% and 5%. On this list, bog-standard US lager seems to be roughly the same: e.g. Pabst is 5%, Coors is 4.91% (I don’t fancy the sound of the 10.5% Flying Dog Horn Dog, though).

Not that this really matters but I’m wondering if “22 oz beers” is a typo. A typical american can or bottle of beer is 12 oz. A pint is 16 oz depending on whose pouring so I’m wondering where it is that she goes that they’re pouring these huge 22 oz beers? You’d have to have special glasses for that.

Just saying.

Hmm, that’s almost exactly 660 ml, which is one of the beer bottle sizes available in the supermarkets here. Not very common, but you can get Tiger, San Miguel and other imports in that size. I wonder if there are some German Stein glasses that are in that size?

Either that or she could also have downed a whole load of liquor, and just forgot. (I once did something similar - it was Tequila jello and I woke up in a parking lot. The last thing I remembered, though, was drinking a couple beers.)

Naw, there are lots of places that pour stupidly large tap beers - I can think of five of them in my little podunk town. They tend to be along the lines of local TGIF knockoffs and/or brewpubs.