OW! My foot hurts.

I have an ouchie foot. I don’t know what’s caused this problem I’m having. The spot just to the right of the ball of my foot, sort of in the middle under the toes (you know, the part you stand on) hurts mucho! I thought maybe it was because of my shoes but it hurts no matter what shoes I wear. Plus, it’s only the right foot, not the left.

Hmmm. The bad thing is that I am starting a new job on the 22nd that is just under 2 miles to my house and I plan to walk to and from. The pain is pretty much tolerable most of the time, but on Saturday and yesterday I walked the round trip and by the halfway mark it was almost unbearable! Ack!

Any podiatrists (that’s feet doctor, right?) have advice? Or anybody else for that matter?
I don’t know what to do about it and I really want to be able to walk and get some exercise.
::limps off, moaning:::

I am not a doctor, so I’ll just give you a useless personal anticdote and a bump in the hopes somebody can give you some good advice.
My mom had symptoms like what you described. She had a planters wart. Maybe a visit to a doctor once your heath insurance kicks in would be a good idea.

I had a problem like this years ago that was diagnosed as a “stone bruise”. From stepping on a stone, I guess. It didn’t show (no actual visible brusing), but it hurt like hell to walk on. What kind of shoes have you been wearing? Thicker-soled shoes are probably better, but if it’s the same thing I had, there’s no cure or totally effective remedy except time. Sorry.

Do you walk quite a bit?

A March fracture is something we occasionally see (or, rather, don’t see) in the Radiology Dept.

Yes, I walk a lot. That’s my main form of exercise. I do have a doctor’s appointment scheduled soon (my annual physical) so I guess I could ask them then.


Hi Sunshine,

I have the same kind of problem (from walking too much, wearing the wrong kind of shoes). It could be a problem with the metatarsals. My doctor recommended a metatarsal pad. If your shoes are too narrow, that could make it worse. Good luck!!


Did you wake up one day with it?

atraumatic inflammation and swelling could be good old gout.

this is a male thing (but has been reported in women, but not younger than about 80).

the cause is uric acid crystallizing (sp) in muscles and, especially, between the bones of the feet and/or ankles.

This is a 5-minute over-the-phone diagnosis - if this sounds like what you have, call the doc - don’t live in pain.

I use indomethacin (script req’d in US) - good stuff.