Owen Wilson

I don’t know about his “inner demons”, but I think he’s shown me some part of himself in the films I have seen, and I am comfortable with that.

I hope he comes back better than ever.


Likewise. A good guy, from all I’ve read, but obviously with some serious things to work through.

I’ve always liked the guy. I mean, as far as you can know and like an actor from his films… Wishing him well.

Perhaps he should try more serious roles. I mean, playing Jackie Chan’s sidekick (or whomever’s sidekick) would make me miserable after a coupla films.

Why, the film boost both of their careers considerably and made him more financially lucrative. Personally, I love the Shanghai Noon and Knights movies. I’d love to see more of the silliness and semi-tangent story line.

He compliments Jackie’s action and superb physical comedy with verbal jabs very nicely.

I don’t know if Owen is a Mr. Leading Man material but what he has been in, especially the Wedding Crashers, has always been well performed. I’d rather see not enough of him and left wanting more in a film, than have him stretch his appearances and talent to the point where the watcher just goes, " Oh, ferfuckssake, CUT!" (This goes for any actor out there.)

It is nice to see the press backing off of this story. I’m surprised by the nonstory about it all than anything else. Did the press suddenly get a heart from the Wizard or something?
If by some bizarre rip in the Time-Space continuum Owen or one of his pals cruises SDMB like Republicans in a public john:

Owen, do what you gotta do to get you back to yourself.

Reading about Owen Wilson’s apparent mental breakdown is the first time I ever had a sincere desire to write a fan letter. He’s one of those actors I’ve always enjoyed, in a way that makes me feel like he is reflecting a sincere part of himself with his movie roles.

I never really thought of him at any time outside of watching his films, but gee, when I read those headlines I remember thinking, ‘‘A good man like that shouldn’t have to suffer alone.’’ Though judging by the comments of Wes Anderson, he’s not suffering alone. He’s probably got good and understanding friends. He will probably be fine without my fan letter.

But still. It just kind of struck a chord.

Loving all this positive messaging. I think Owen is a dynamic, stylistic actor who is really versatile and and always dead-on. I think fame is a strange and often destructive beast and here’s wishing that he finds his center and some hope.

I was very sad to hear about his problems. I’d always just kind of assumed he was as happy and funny as his outward persona. Sadly, it seems the funny guys are frequently the ones hurting inside.