Owowow - feels like I'm peeing broken glass. (just need to vent)

Just allow me to say fuckfuckfuck this hurts. Late last night I began feeling like I had to pee all the time, and it continued during the night. It hurts so fucking much.

I’m tempted to rip out my bladder and be rid of it.


Get to a doc. Pee in the cup. Get some antibiotics. Drink lots of water.

I don’t suppose this has anything to do with your boyfriend with a roving eye , does it? Just sayin’…

Sorry if I’m crossing boundaries here.

I went to the doc - waiting for the testresults. Dunno if stress and the like can cause a bladder infection (or whatever it is) - it just huuuuurts, not only when I’m peeing but constantly (though in a different way). Maybe my body’s attention whoring :wink:



I’m afraid I leapt to the same suspicions as Seeker did, (but was not sure whther to post that or stay quiet). Perhaps just coincidence, but you’ll run along and have it properly checked, won’t you?

Well stress can manifest in many ways, but as far as I know (and IACertainlyNAD), for you to pee fire there was probably some bacteria or something introduced to the area. However, my mother claims that I got a few bladder infections as a young girl from irritation caused by bubble bath. Of course, this is the same woman who blames every ailment under the sun to allergies now. :rolleyes:

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Oh - gee I’m a physicist and daft - I think I see what you’re suggesting now: I got this pain from hell because my bf probably got more than a roving eye? Possibly. If I did, he’s in even more serious trouble, before I dump him.

Fucking fuck, someone hospitalise me and put me out of my misery. Even child-birth cannot be this bad.


Tikster, find a drugstore and get some Uristat. It’s an OTC medication that kills the pain of urinary tract infections, which it’s highly likely that you have. Note that this does not actually treat the infection, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a physician. Warning - it will make your urine a bright, obnoxiously fluorescent orange. This can potentially stain anything it touches.

IANAD/N, but I used to have a lot of UTIs in my early 20s up through a few years ago. You can get them from sexual intercourse - with your own bacteria being introduced to your urinary tract accidentally - or masturbation (similarly), or even just through the misfortune of having a urinary system with the anatomy to be particularly vulnerable to these kinds of things. (Among other things, apparently having a shorter-than-usual urethra is one risk factor, last I heard.)

You don’t necessarily have a sexually transmitted infection causing this. However, if you’re worried about your boyfriend straying, those are good tests to get done anyway.

I want to back this up. Ferret Herder is absolutely correct, and I’ve gotten a UTI since I got married, and we’re both faithful. Everyone has creepy-crawlies on their skin. I’m sorry if I came off as an alarmist, dear. I’d feel terrible if I scared you.

There’s also a product called AZO, which is like the Uristat Ferret Herder suggested. I don’t know if either of those products are available in Denmark, but I bet you can find some kind of OTC drug designed for urinary pain. Cranberry juice is also said to be beneficial to your urinary tract, too. Try to find some with a low sugar content.

Thank you for all your advice :slight_smile: A friend is currently picking up the antibiotics my doctor prescribed to me when the meeting I had to call in sick for ends. Also asked him to ask for painkillers for a uti/bladder infection. A quick google made it appear as if uristat isn’t available in Denmark - and I was just looking forward to peeing bright orange:)

Anyway, can’t wait till he gets here with those meds - I am in big fucking pain. First time I got something like this too - owowow - never imagined it could hurt this much.


So don’t pee on the couch or anything!!

FWIW, phenazopyridine is the medicine that they use in Uristat. That’s what my doctor always prescribes for me when I have problems (mine are of a kidney stone variety, but this drug is for general UT pain). See if you can get anything containing that. It will work better than acetaminophen. And having bright orange pee is fun!

It makes interesting stains in underwear if you drip. And if you haven’t scrubbed the toilet in a couple days, you’re likely to leave a ring.

Sorry, didn’t think to check the location field, and I couldn’t remember the generic name - that’s the stuff. A pharmacist should know if an OTC version is available, if you give that drug name.