Oxygen Not Included

Even though it’s an Early Access title, it’s playable and fun. Took me nine tries but I’ve figured out how to run a successful colony, ironically named “Dump”. Dump eventually got so large that it started having power problems; I’ll have another go at that map when the problems get straightened out.

The main problem is getting the right gas to the gas-powered generators. There are gas filters, which become available with Filtration, but all they seem to do is block all gas coming in from the pump so the pump shuts down. Until these are fixed, try to not let flatulent Duplicants into your colony unless you don’t mind natural gas everywhere.

Even without gas filters, pumps are great for moving undesirable gas to a relatively unpopulated part of the colony. Preferably behind airlocks.

The tech tree window has room for at least one more level, I’m guessing Tier 4 would involve a (currently nonexistent) Advanced Research station.