Ozark, or How I Got Suckered Yet Again

It was from the Wikipedia page, but here’s the NYT article it came from:

Thanks! It’s fine, of course, if it stays the same quality as the first season… But maybe I’ve had too many experiences like the OP’s, but I’m skeptical.

When you talk about “Lost Syndrome”, I know exactly what you mean, but I don’t think it started to happen for that show until season 3 or 4.

The first two seasons were marvelous and ingenious in their content setup. So many of the ideas they introduced or suggested were so compelling and intriguing, especially for network TV and before today’s golden age: Secret weirdo 70s experiments, lost civilizations, cold war-type encrypted radio signals all on a tropical, phase-shifted island where polar bears roamed the jungle. Nobody was doing stuff like this. Wow, sign me up!

But as the story progressed, in the interest of stretching the ratings, they were continually writing creative checks in which they had no interest or capability of cashing. Towards the end I remember thinking, “How in the hell are they going to tie all this up??!?” Haha, joke’s on us, they weren’t: They essentially smoke-bombed the stage and snake-oiled their asses out of there. See ya suckas!

Towards the end I imagine them sitting around:

"How about a gorilla in a hot air balloon? …Tony?

“…No…, well, hmmm… no.”

“He could throw down coconuts. And inside would be golden keys.”


“…Other coconuts?”

“What if we tie it all into the French Revolution?”

And so on.

It’s funny that the OP uses Ripper Street as an example of a show that did it the right way. The natural and perfect end of the series was the finale of season 3. Then they brought it back for a couple of seasons.

Look up Lindelof’s recent interview with Chris Hardwick. One of the things he explained was that they wanted to talk about ending the series but the network wouldn’t listen until it had already become very bloated. If it was up to him it would have been wrapped up earlier.

The nice thing about Netflix is that you can shelve a series and easily go back to it if it somehow gets its footing.

I agree that Ozark gets too implausible too quickly, and not just plotwise. None of the character interactions seem at all genuine.

I watched the British version of House of Cards, and it began and ended - beautifully. I watched the first series of the American version, and if it had ended there, it would have been equally as good. Instead, they had to keep making episodes for no clear reason.

I’m pretty sure the Langmore girl is Ruth.

Other than that, I agree with most of what you wrote. Finished the series last night, and am hoping they bring it back.

It’s not great TV, but it’s pretty good TV.

This is one reason I liked Justified so well. In addition to being well-written and acted, they did wrap up each season to at least a reasonable degree. Each season had a different central plot and unique characters, even though the main characters continued from year to year.

I agree completely. I really liked the pilot and first (and maybe second) season. But it did truly go off the rails. The same thing is happening with Person of Interest and (now) The Blacklist. Each started with an interesting premise, but ended up going off in strange directions.

I would put House of Cards and Orange is the New Black in a similar category, too.

I enjoyed it. Good summary by jkirkman, plus I’d bet we’ll also see Ruth’s dad get out of prison. Ruth’s uncles were clearly scared of him; so he’s probably a pretty nasty dude. I wonder if we’ll see anymore of Rachel, the owner of the Blue Cat Lodge. This didn’t say spoilers, so I guess I’ll cover the rest of this… If she stays away, she was the smartest one of them all; and she took a small enough amount of money where maybe Marty will just make up the difference. While it was kind of contrived in the end. The crazy old bat Darlene Snell murdering Del actually saved Marty; because otherwise he likely would have been in the vehicle with Del when they got busted at the end of the driveway; which would have put Petty’s plan into motion of making Del worry that Marty was ratting him out.

So while Michael Bluth was laundering $8 million in already-clean money as a summertime demonstration, how was Evil Rodriguez processing his drug money, which I assume comes in fairly steadily and copiously?