Ozark Season 4

We’re two weeks away from the first 7 episodes of Ozark season 4 (January 21). This final season has 14 episodes total, with the second batch of 7 being released sometime later this year.

Since we all watch at different speeds, please blur all episode spoilers (and note which episode it’s spoiling), at least for the first month to give people time to catch up.

We start season 4 with Ruth playing for the opposing team, and based on the preview, it looks like Jonah is too. Can’t wait!

Shit, thanks. Might need to watch the last few of S3 to catch up again.

Same thing with Better Call Saul, tbh.

Yeah, I’ve enjoyed the first 3 seasons of Ozark through all of its highly improbable twists and turns, but I no longer remember much of anything about how it ended up by the finish of S3, and I don’t feel much like rewatching S3 to catch up. I hope S4 starts out with a comprehensive recap.

BTW, it’s fun to imagine Jason Bateman’s Ozark character as Michael Bluth from Arrested Development with a new identity and family. His Ozark character has the same aspect of “thinking and acting like he’s a problem solver who’s smarter than everyone else in the room, but is not as smart as he thinks he is, and often gets into worse predicaments through his own actions”. Only, the predicaments are now much more murdery.

My guess this is going to be Laura Linney’s season to shine… not that she hasn’t been already, but that she takes the leading role in the crime family.

Here’s a character-based AVClub recap of where Ozark S3 left off. Not great or awfully thorough, but better than nothing:

Such a compelling show. Looking forward to this new season.

Yet the overall plot is absolutely preposterous.

I enjoyed the teaser as well:

Season 4 (first half) has dropped. May I suggest a moratorium on discussion until Monday morning, 8am Eastern? Or at least spoiler boxes?

I suggested blurred spoilers or spoiler boxes for the first month so people can catch up.

To know that would require me to read the OP.

Some people!


Episode 1 thoughts:

Surprised Omar didn’t clean Helen’s house.

Linney is going all Michael Corleone.

Jonah realizing that adulthood is something which is taken, not granted.

(Wondering if Ruth is going to turn Jonah into a man now… I can hear her sweet words of seduction ‘well? Show me whatcha got!’)

The daughter kills Javier. That’s my guess.

Don’t really care about Wyatt and Darlene - they’re going to end up dead anyway.

Dammit, hit ‘send’ too soon… yup. There’s our first death. Not an unimportant one either. And, of course, Jonah arrives in the nick of time…

I turned the first episode off half way through when I realized I didn’t care about anything happening. Too long between season 3 and 4? Pretty good chance I go back at some point, but not today I guess.

Yeah, Laura Linney’s Wendy reminds me of her character in Mystic River.

Does S4 start with a recap? If not I might rewatch the end of S3.

Yes, the first episode has a recap (which you can skip).

Only seen the first 3 episodes but Wendy Byrde is still the fucking worst.

Amen. She’s a great character, but if I had to deal with her in real life, I would have an overwhelming desire to punch something.

Honestly, this season tried to do way too much, way too fast. Too many traumas per hour for the characters.

I am going to choose to believe that Charlotte got Zeke out of the truck while the others were arguing. If I’m wrong, don’t tell me or I won’t sleep.


Definitely made the call in my spoiler box.

The thing I like most about Ozark is that, at its heart, it is a tale of about how rich white urban Americans constantly fuck over poor rural Americans. "Oh, y’all doing this? Kk, it’s time for the experts and capital, you leave now.’

I was actually surprised that Darlene and Wyatt got killed as early in the season as they did.