Is Netflix ever going to show any more of Better Call Saul?

Is Netflix ever going to show any more of Better Call Saul? That series is the reason why I subscribed to Netflix in the first place…

Season 5 will premier on AMC in early 2020. Netflix will presumably get it some time after that.

My (Canadian) Netflix only goes to season 3.

That’s how they get ya! :smiley:

My American subscription only goes to season 3 also. I suspect that AMC or somebody won’t sell the series to Netflix because it is too popular and they can make more money on it through Amazon or some other outlet.

In fact there were other shows that I liked on Netflix, but they are no longer on Netflix for whatever reason. I may be unsubscribing from Netflix and going somewhere else before too long.

Speculation. Looks like it should be coming, but not until near when the new season drops.

Netflix did something similar recently with The Good Place – they only had the first two seasons, and only released S3 shortly before the currently broadcasting S4. The question is, is this Netflix’s decision to do this, or part of how the series are licensed to Netflix by the networks?

Netflix will take just about anything it can. It’s not uncommon for them to start streaming a season after the following season airs. I assume that’s because the network that owns the show will start running the previous season a few weeks before the next one airs. If people can watch it on netflix, they’ll have less reason to watch it live, on their network, with their commercials.

IOW, A few weeks before BCS season 5 airs, AMC will play reruns of Season 4 to get people caught up. They have no incentive to sell it yet and lagging two years behind means less people will drop AMC (or cable) and stick with Netflix.

Look at Hulu…Hulu is what really got a lot of people to start cutting the cord since many shows would be released on Hulu, episode by episode, a day or two after the aired. People can live with waiting a few days, but a few years is more difficult.

When TV shows were released on DVD/Bluray, often the last season would be released just before the new season premiered, similar to how Netflix schedules shows.

I have all 4 seasons of BCS on my (Pakistani) Netflix. So I am guessing the rights are all over the place globally?
It usually drops as soon as it does airs the US, almost always 12 or so hours later, which makes it convenient to watch.

Netflix usually gets the last season of BCS as the new season is starting. Since there were two years between Seasons 4 and 5, it’s going to be two years until Season 4 is on Netflix. Luckily, that two years is almost up. Spring 2020 is what I’ve heard.

This sort of schedule really saps my interest in a show. I REALLY liked the 1st season of BCS. But I’m not the kind of person who enjoys watching shows over and over (one reason “reference-filled” nature of some shows are somewhat lost on me.) Sometimes I have a hard time remembering what happened from episode to episode. Give me a year-plus in between eps, and my interest is that much less. I’m not about to do “homework” to try to remind me of what was going on…

I am similar. If shows ever take more than 1 year between seasons, then they are dead to me. If I start watching it again I will just be confused. People will constantly be appearing and I am thinking “Am I supposed to know this person?”

I think TV shows are still released on DVD. Perhaps my sample size is small, but any TV show I’ve ever watched has been via Netflix DVD. (But, yes, you have to wait.)

This is something that mildly annoys me about shows produced for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. Network shows often have a little recap at the beginning to remind you what happened previously. Streaming shows have no such thing. It’s almost like they just expect you to binge watch, which I don’t. Even with shows like Orange is the New Black I have a routine of watching one episode per week.

It was almost 2 years between some seasons of ‘Mad Men’. :mad: and I think ‘Lost’. Writers strike somewhere in there.

Hmm - we just started watching Mr Robot yesterday, and each of the 1st 3 eps started w/ a “last time…”

Mr. Robot is a cable show. USA, IIRC. So it’d make sense to have a previously on as it’s not produced for streaming.

OK. I’m pretty ignorant about the distinctions between the various types of shows. If I watch something on Netflix or Amazon, but am not clearly aware of which provider produced it, my tendency is tho think of it as a Netflix or Amazon show.

So, shows that are from Netflix or Amazon - like Mrs. Maisel - they DON’T have recaps? Hmm - goes to show how ignorant I am about the media I consume…

Only season recaps. And I don’t think every show has them.