When will Netflix have the final episodes of Breaking Bad?

I’m right up to the middle of the last season and the final 6 or so episodes are missing. Anyone know when they’ll be released to Netflix?

No kidding. It’s irksome to be so behind and be spoiled as to what happens. I thought Netflix would be more on top of it; they were for the other seasons.

I suppose I could just pay for cable, but, truth is, I hate that worse.

They do have the last half-season available on DVD. That doesn’t help you if you have a streaming-only subscription, but it *is *available.

Available yes, but the question I think duffer meant is when on streaming.

If memory serves, the final episodes will be available to stream on February 24th!


I think I watched it streaming on Amazon (or was it HuluPlus?) the day after each episode aired. I had to pay for the season (I think $18?) but it was worth not waiting for Netflix to have it.

I intentionally waited for S5 to get here before I started watching.
I marathoned the entire series in the span of about 6 weeks, only to find the last half of S5 isn’t even there.

I bought the last eight episodes on Blu-ray. No way was I gonna wait for Netflix; plus the last eight episodes are so damn good that it’s worth it to own them with all the special features.

Project Free TV. you’re welcome.

Bump to let people who may still be waiting know that they’ll be out on Netflix this coming Monday.


has had all the seasons’ episodes for months

That’s because it’s a pirate site that steals content. (OK, technically it just links to other sites that host the stolen content.)

The second half of season 5 went up today.

I’m happy and sad. Happy because it’s back in my life; sad because it’ll all be over in three, maybe two, days.

Please post your thoughts after you watch To’hajilee and Ozymandias. Ozymandias is still showing a perfect 10/10 on IMDB after over 46,000 votes. I believe that’s the highest rated episode of any TV series on that site.

Will do.

Okay, you guys, now don’t break Netflix. :wink:

Slightly off-topic, but I’m curious …

… are the episodes shown on Netflix streaming (or, for that matter, the episodes show on TeeVee) different from the episodes presented on disc?

I watched the entire run of the show on streaming and then, impatient, I had the discs sent into watch the last half of season 5. While there were a few F-bombs and a “shit” thrown around on the streamed episodes, it seems the discs were full-on R-rated with a fuck-fuck here and a shit-shit there, here-a-fuck, there-a-shit, everywhere a fuck-shit, e-i-e-i-o.

They might be - and that makes me want to get the disks now.

I know for sure the first episode is different. What I get on Netflix is what was aired on TV, but when I bought the episode on Amazon.com there were a number of changes. Additional scenes included Skyler giving Walt a hand job (under the covers of course). There was also a closeup of the bare chested girl kicking Jesse out of her apartment during the FBI raid that wasn’t on the broadcast version either.

Both the handjob and the boobies were present in the version I saw on Netflix streaming. I only saw it for the first time last fall, so maybe something changed somewhere along the line.