Breaking Bad Season 4 - now available Netflix Streaming

So, I got caught up on seasons 1-3 of Breaking Bad on Netflix streaming. I put season 4 in my disc queue the day it was released but it’s been Very Long Wait. I was pretty bummed that season 5 was going to start tonight and I was a season behind.

I was super pleased to see season 4 was added to Netflix streaming very recently (today?). I can start taping season 5 and get caught up on season 4 this week. Watched episode 1 this morning, whoa!

Good deal!

OMFG, finally! I knew they’d wait for the season premier, but damn that took forever.

Thanks for the heads-up. It’s time for Netflix to start paying off, again.

Thanks. My cable company took the first half of the season off demand before I was finished, and I thought there’d be no way to catch up without buying the other episodes.

Woot right on !!! Thanks for the info, see ya all in 24 hrs or so. I’ve been waiting patiently.

My boyfriend, who holds our Netflix account, received an email today letting us know this - “since you’ve been watching Breaking Bad, we’d like to let you know we’ve released season 4 on streaming!”

I am newly OBSESSED with this show and was very pleased to see they released s4 on Netflix. I set the DVR to record season 5 (while avoiding any synopsis of tonight’s episode!) and I figure I can catch up within a week - he will be out of town as will some of my friends so the upcoming weekend will allow some lazy couch time.

Verizon has had various groups of last seasons episodes on demand for a few weeks now. Between VOD and Netflix, I finished with Season 4 today and am all set for Season 5 tonight.

I just finished the whole season and … just … I’m almost speechless in the face of how amazing the last twists and turns were. I don’t know if it was their best season because in some ways the seams of the series started to show when there were so many death threats and instances of perfect timing and things, but on the other hand, the show is still so vibrant and darkly funny and the themes of work and feeling stuck and sacrificing and frustration and fatherhood still resonate so strongly and Walt’s conflict and emotions and the consequences of his actions and the ironies still hit so hard that it all works for me. What a brilliant show. I’m sort of dreading having to wait a week for each new episode.

I sure wish it had been a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to watch it! I started watching thanks to a discussion here and had to scratch and pry all of season 4 from the interwebs - a task that wasn’t always as simple as I’d have liked. I did get a couple of coworkers hooked on it, however, and they are somewhere in season 3 right now. Perfect timing for them!

It definitely changes how you view the show. It might feel a lot slower and more methodical than you’re used to because when you watch it in succession, you’re seeing two months of twists in a single afternoon. When you watch it at the rate of one hour a week, it slows the plot down considerably for you.