ozone combustion?

If you want to burn something, use an atmosphere of pure oxygen. A closed combustion chamber full of oxygen at several times sea-level air pressure can combust just about any fuel.

Such logic is a given

Regular oxygen contains 2 atoms.
Ozone has 3 atoms.

I know ozone is more chemically active than regular oxygen, but can it support combustion?

Can it be stored in a pressurised cylinder or as a liquid, or does it decompose back into oxygen?

I’m sure you can use it- you can even use florine or chlorine as an oxidizer in some if not most cases. As to wheater or not it would become O2 under pressure - my WAG is some would over time but it would take a while

This page about oxygen also gives the properties of ozone.

It says that undiluted ozone gas is bluish, liquid ozone is bluish black, and solid ozone is violet-black. It also says ozone is highly reactive, but not whether it is a good combustion supporter.

Yes, it can support combusiton quite well. Fortunately, it is uncommon to find it stored in many areas, except at water treatment plants and house cleaner’s. See here, page 6.

Also, from here:

The propensity of ozone to decompose into O[sub]2[/sub] and O is given by it’s equilibrium constants, which are affected maily by the temperature involved. Thus, if you keep it at a low temperature, you will have less decomposition occuring.