is any1 an ozzie here?

Hello, Little Tassie. I’m an American, but I still wanted to pop in and say hello and welcome to the boards. There are ozzies here, although I don’t know where at the moment. dpr and wyldelf are both from Australia, and I’m sure there are a few others.

You happened to have registered on a weekend when this place isn’t as active as usual. Stick with us, things will pick up.

Enjoy. :wink:

Yeah I’m an Aussie. There’s a few around. How’s Tasmania these days? How’d you find the boards?

You called?

I’m in Sydney… Randwick, in particular (I’m at UNSW, as you can tell by my sig)

Are you in Tassie, or just from there? I love the place myself. What part are you from? I’m familiar with Hobart and Kettering.

I’m a Ricky myself, but I think we have a David and a few Harriets as well. And God knows, too many Lumpy’s.

Well thanks loads, Eutychuss, now I have to clean the beer off the screen!

No, no ozzies, which as far as I know are mosquitoes with speech impediments, but quite a few Aussies. (Unless you voted for Howard, in which case you really are an "Oz"ie.)

The light from the window is a crack in the sky…
[insert power cords here]

Oh, not that Ozzie? Nevermind then. :wink:


big_yellow_kinswood, I live in Launceston.

Ell, I was chatting with some1 who told me about this place.

big_yellow_kinswood: What year are you in at USNW?

pokes his head in the door

Is this where the Alice Coopers meet?? No? Sorry, wrong door.

No, it was just a movie and besides Dorothy went back to Kansas as did the Wizard and Toto.

Yep, the board’s kinda-humble President is an Aussie too. I’m up in the still-drying-out Brisbane.
And Boonie is my god.

I have relatives in Australia. I keep meaning to go there, but the airfare etc. is pretty spendy.

Hello LittleTassie! waves 'Nother Aussie checking in. I be found in Melbourne.

Little Tassie, I wave the SDMB flag in Port Lincoln, South Australia, tuna and shark capital of the nation.
A couple of other Dopers live here as well: Adolph Peewee and Tisme - both good friends of mine.

Boonie’s a Buddha.

I’m from Melbourne, LittleTassie. Launceston? You may well be the Southernmost poster here. I don’t think any of our Kiwis are from the Sth Island.

Another Ozy
I live in Palm Cove between Cairns and Port Douglas

Another Aussie here, checking in from Edinburgh, UK. I’m originally from Newcastle, NSW, but more lately of Sydney - Randwick in particular (waves to big_yellow_kingswood!).

I’ve been away from Oz for a year and eight months (!) with another four months to go. I miss it heaps. But I love it here too, and there are enough Aussies around to remind me of home and keep me speaking proper 'Straayan.

[sub]Doona, bottle-o, vacuum, yo-ghurt. Doona, bottle-o, vacuum, yo-ghurt.[/sub]

First’s First…

Ell, I’m in third year. Do yo uknow any Social Work students? Where are you studying? I know you’re a student (or at least I seem to recall you posting that somewhere)

Tassie, I’ve been to Launceston. I also used your town’s website in a project I did last semester. My (ex-)aunt owns a pub in Hobart, Knopwoods, and my uncle owns one in Kettering, The Oyster Cove Inn. If you’re old enough to drink, try them out…

Chrome, no time like the present, matey… The Aussie (and that IS how it’s spelt, dammit!) Dollar just hit rock bottom (50 US cents), so if you book and pay for it now through the Australian end, you’ll save a shitload of cash.

dpr, picmr is quite right. Boon is a Buddha. Don’t tell me you’re forgetting your classics?

Legend. Legend. Dead Set Legend. Top Bloke. </oz bros>

Nicko… I’m a Nick too… But a Nicky (NOT a Nikki, I’m a bloke dammit), not a Nicko.

Hell, I’m not a Nicko either. Just a Nick. No-one has ever called me Nicko. I have NO IDEA why I chose that username.

I’m actually a Nicholas, a name which is obviously far too long for Australians to have to deal with. I used to be a Nicky until I was about 12 or 13 until I decided it was far too childish and demanded that everyone call me the obviously much-more-mature Nick.

I am sometimes a Niz or Nizza, in the great Australian spirit of Dezza, Bazza and Dazza.