The word which means “A special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed” is “privilege.”

There are no A’s in this word.

There are no D’s in this word.

There are 2 I’s and 2 E’s in this word.


Please absorb this very simple spelling, for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!

This post bought to you by the half-dozen different misspellings of this very simple, very common, third grade vocabulary word in this thread about driving.

Oh, and since this is the pit: learn to spell you frickin idiots! :smiley:

This is about me, isn’t it?

Damn it!

so fucken sorry I didnt’ lead a privaledged life ok fucken a man you know what i mean what is the difference ooh your so smart you can fucken spell good for you heres a cookie

Well, i was the OP in the thread and i spelled it correctly.

If everyone else followed my example, things would be just fine.

Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good general rule of thumb. :smiley:

I could give a fuck.

Some of you need help.

Meanwhile, mhendo, will you marry me?

Now, now, people. Let’s not loose our cool.


I definately agree with the OP and *mhendo in there assessment of the speling situation.

now if ijits like this Mango chick would learn to use code, or at least the “Preview” button…

No, no, no, that’s “loose are cool”.

Also, if I may, it is




I’m a big offender when it comes to this.

Privilege just doesn’t look right. I’ll try to remember this in the future.


I definitely agree with the OP.

Definitely. No a’s in that word, either.
Two i’s and 2 e’s, but NO FREAKING a’s.

Dare’s know eye in TEAM

Or in COW, for that matter.

But, there’s flouride in my drinking water!

Coincidence? Or consipracy?






One “L”, people, one “L”.

See, if more words were spelled fonetically we wouldn’t have this problem.


And why oh why do so many people abbreviate et cetera as ect???

But it’s easy to keep straight if you just remember the etymology. It’s from the Latin separatus, past participle of separare — apart.