P.T. Smegma is not my username anymore!


My username used to be P.T. Smegma.

I indelibly fouled that name, IMO, by getting banned for slagging on Scoticher for a pretty mild rebuke she made to me. Search if you want, I’d rather not relive that by linking to it.

Suffice it to say- Scotticher and Lynn,primarily among other gracious Dopers, saw fit to forgive my churlish behavior.

I was also informed that my behavior in that thread insulted smegma, especially Smeghead!


Therefore I requested that my username be changed to my given name of Denis (there’s some lovely filth down here!). Yes indeed, I am the one who experienced the violence inherent in the system and lived to tell the tale!

OK, I got my ass booted for behaving in a jerkish way and was welcomed back after apologizing.

Please continue expecting the same insightful sarcasm (heh) and inane observations, as well as the occaisional serious discussion from me. No more idiotic meltdowns, though, however “justified” I might feel they are.

I thank you for reading this.

::runs nekkid thru thread, doing the happy nekkid New Username dance::

promptly goes off to annouce it in The Official Record of Name Changes thread

Thank heavens! I was getting confused - I thought I had offended someone.


auntnut does a flying tackle hug

I have been waiting…

in a van…

down by the river…
(Nice to have you back.)

A Monty Python fan! Hurrah!

“Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!”

Bloody peasants!

Must be a king.

How do you know?

Hasn’t got Smegma all over him.

Yeah, those are in pretty short supply around here…




…yoga nazi


Bloody hamsters!