Pacific Rim


Blu-Ray 3D - big god damn screen in the privacy of my own house with better, cheaper popcorn and brews - and the ability to pause the movie for a wiz

I wouldn’t see most of the above bands either because I don’t like them or, like Dissonance and I mentioned, they play too large of a venue to get a good experience. Paying $100 to see a video screen is indeed comparable to a movie ticket.

Fall Out Boy is an exception to those two reasons for me not going. They would have been around $36 and have played at the House of Blues, my limit for size (fits less than 2000 people and is on two levels so some of those will be upstairs. Definitely no video needed unless you’re behind a post.)

Now, Fall Out Boy would have actually been more than $36 because it sold out the first day. I am all for venues charging what they actually would sell at rather than leaving it to the scalpers but that was the base price. But like I said $36 is around the average for medium and small venues and obviously if I really wanted to see Fall Out Boy I’d be paying more than that, but some shows are less than that. But I was trying to say that $36 is not expensive compared to $18 for a movie in a small venue because you have a personal and relatively intimate performance.

Go fuck a cactus you communist. You’re just like those occupy wallstreet retards, “Wah wah, I work at McDonalds licking toilets clean but I should be making $100,000 a year and get a free house and a Bently beacuse some guy who got the education and experience necessary to get those things has them. It’s not fair. Wah wah.”


Double brilliant! See, you occupy wallstreet idiots? There’s your free shit right there.

Liquid lunch again?

I wonder when Pacific Teabag will be released

I thought this was going to be about how mind-blowingly stupid this movie is. Now that is a pitting I can get behind!