Pacific Rim

:dubious:Pacific Rim IMAX 3D $18.00:dubious:
:eek:REAL 3D $11.50:eek:

Yeah it looks like a pretty cool movie and I’m planning to go watch it with a couple friends. But ummm $18 bucks for an IMAX 3D ticket really ?!?WTF?!?:confused:

I still think it’s a hell of a deal to see a multi-million dollar production for $18.

MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL tickets are crazy expensive and you may end up getting a crap game to watch.
Broadway and off Broadway musicals and plays are crazy expensive.
Cirque Du Soleil shows are damn expensive.
Concerts are damn expensive.

Movie theatres are the best thing going for your entertainment dollar.

The OP joined up just to post this? Lame. One of the worst pittings ever.

No, they’re not. Even considering Ticketma$ter’s feeds, on average they’re not even twice as expensive as an IMAX 3-D movie and you get a live show with the performers up close and personal.

Unless you’re going to expensive shows where you sit far away for $100. But why go to those shows in the first place?

and then you have to pay $20 for popcorn am I right

what a fucking racket

this is why I don’t go to the cinema anymore

No, but what’s different?

Just take popcorn bags out of the garbage and get a free refill. I mean DUH.

Right on man. Even my grandpa laughs when he tells me he used to pay $2.50 back in the day to watch a darn movie. Total rip off.

Well if your just looking to pay general admission for some local live music it might be cheap. But you won’t see a headlining national act for $18. No Kenny Chesney, John Mayer, Tom Petty, Maddona, Billy Joel, Justin Bieber, Rush, Eagles, Prince, Fall Out Boy, etc. or whatever genre of popular music most people like.

You don’t have to see a movie in IMAX 3D either. And you can always do a matinee; in fact, I generally don’t go unless it’s a matinee. Though, I will say a movie like Pacific Rim, with all those effects, is worth seeing in IMAX 3D.

I agree with all of these except concerts. Sure, if you’re going to go see some really well known act they may be expensive, but when you’re in a huge venue with thousands of other fans and can’t even really see what the band is doing, what’s the point? Even worse if it’s an act where they’re lip-syncing, so they’re not even performing the music live, and then they have choreographed dance moves which you can barely see as well. If either of those are the situation, they’re probably large enough that you can easily find a professional recording of one of their live shows and just watch that instead.

But if you go to see a local concert, or a lesser known act in a small club, tickets are generally cheap and the experience is way better. Last show I went to was something like $12-15 for a 4-5 hour concert, a couple hundred people in the whole club, I could literally reach out and touch the band if I wanted to, and then I was able to hang out with them after the show. Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s a way better experience.

Movies are a pretty good deal, especially if you’re not doing IMAX and 3D. I think I saw a matinee movie a few weeks ago for around $6. But the best value in modern entertainment is actually videogames. Consider an MMO at $15 a month, even playing just 1 hour a week is more entertainment time at cheaper per hour than just one movie a month, and if you play more or see more or more expensive films, the value is even better. It works out similarly for many one-time cost games too; one $60 game will generally get at least 40-50 hours of play, often much more, but you only need about 15 hours or so to put it cheaper than a movie per hour played.

Agreed, I never understood the appeal of watching a band live when you are so far away you’re watching them on giant screens. Back in the day Fugazi would only charge $5.

I shall repeat from the other thread. Then don’t see it in IMAX 3D. Its always more expensive. They just didn’t do it for this movie.

My local theatre has a 10 movie card for $60. $6 per movie. And, once you buy 5 large Popcorns or sodas @ $5 (not cheap, I admit, but free re-fills), the sixth is free.

$18 is a little steep to pay for eyestrain and a headache. I could spin around in an office chair 50 times for FREE!

(I don’t like 3D movies)

What a lame fucking pit. Boooooo! Booooooooo!

$18 bucks is about what it costs to see a regular 2D movie in Australia; 3-D is over $20 at some places.

So, if you’re QQing about paying $18 for Imax 3-D, don’t even think about coming to the movies in Australia, basically.

Not to mention the cost of airfare and the 20 hour flight time.

A showing of Pacific Rim (or Robots Twatting Monsters as it’s known here) in IMAX 3D is £15.20, or just under $23 USD.

Easy solution: Don’t go.

Last weekend I took the kids to the local drive-in to see Man of Steel. They charge $7.00/adult, kids free. We got a 40 oz pepsi for $2.00 and a large popcorn is, I think, $4.00 (of course you can bring your own food but I can spend an extra $6.00 to support the business). So $13.00 for the 3 of us.

It’s a little bit of a crapshoot which movies they get but there’s a good chance they’ll have Pacific Rim in a few weeks.