Packaged Food Anomolies.

Snacks were provided for us today in a staff meeting. I opened a 6-pack of Oreos to enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee. As I pulled the first cookie out of the package I noticed something horribly wrong. :eek: The top of the cookie was smooth! There was no tell-tale Nabisco relief mark on the cookie. I separated the cookie to give it further inspection and discovered that cookie was assembled with one of the cookies upside-down; with the Nabisco relief facing the white cream center!

I thought about keeping it but decided it was too delicious for that. Yummy.

So do any of you have any packaging anomolies to report on?

There are always the conjoined gummy bears, tethered by a bit of gummy stuff, typically at their sides.

We’ve gotten addicted to popsicles of the frozen fruit juice variety, specifically strawberry, and bring them home in four 6-pack groups on a regular basis. Back in warmer weather when I opened a 6-pack the contents had all melted and refrozen into a mess. All four boxes were that way so rather than take them back I just called the store manager to complain about the way they had been handled. I got a store credit for the group and after waiting a month things are back to normal and we consume them at our same rate.

Best I can come up with, although I was eating a fruit salad recently that my wife had brought in from a lunch she had been to. I was merrily chomping away and suddenly had that sinking feeling you get when you’ve broken a tooth. It was a cherry pit and I was relieved that’s all it was. I broke a tooth on lemon meringue pie one time, so I don’t assume anything.

Hah. I once got all the way to where I could see the bottom of a packaged fruit salad when I saw the bug. You KNOW that bad boy wasn’t alone, you just know it.

I love the birth defect peanut M&Ms.

I’ve gotta be me, I’ve gotta be me…

(This is not me, btw.)

Better than half a bug.

Mine are related to both of yours. A woman a few people ahead of me in a grocery line once noticed a LIVE moth in her bag of salad. Clerk said “just go get another one.” Umm, nope. No salad, thanks.

My sister’s office keeps a jar where they throw all the conjoined M&Ms. People from outside ask about it and they say they have to pay a lot to order them.

A roommate had a collection of similar items:

An unopened can of soda that was empty
An unopened packet of sugar that was empty

Oddly, he didn’t have an unopened package of Hi Opal that was empty.

Oh, I’ve gotten fortune cookies with no fortunes. It’s a bleak feeling.

That reminds me of this salad bag.

I less than 3 Belly Flops!

I found a white M&M once in a bag where it should not have been.

I bought a can of pears in a dollar store that contained just one big pear, peeled, still had its seeds. And a can of sardines that contained two or three biggish fish with their heads still on! EEEEK!

On our wedding night, we went to buy a Coke with the last of our change from the machine down the hall at the hotel. An ice-cold Coke sounded pretty good while we were watching a movie in our room. (Hey, we needed to unwind after a long day – the really fun stuff came later. :smiley: ) So we crack the Coke in the darkened room and . . . WTF? This Coke tastes weird, and is there something sticking out of it?? Lights, please . . .

It was one of those “win a dollar” promotional cans that were out at the time (1990). So we had a wet dollar bill, and a can full of WATER, and no change to buy another one (the machine didn’t take bills).

That was a pisser. We kept the can, though.

Yeah, I know, not really an anomaly, but a semi-amusing story, anyway.

Earlier tonight I had a Kit Kat bar that only had about 2/3 of its length filled by the regular crispy wafer layers and the remaining bit was solid chocolate.

I also like finding the occasional Whopper that has the sort of melted, chewy interior instead of the crunchy malt ball.

NutterButters seem to have the same problem as the OP’s inverted Oreo.

Not really a specific food anomaly, but I worked at Safeway for 12 years or so and over that span I noticed that the main selling point of 70-80% of all the packaged food products was one or a combination of either chocolate, cheese, bacon, or frosting. Next time you find yourself at the supermarket walk up and down the aisles and look at all the products. Be it crackers, Pop Tarts, cereal, soup, all manner of snacks, even chocolate, cheese, or frosting, you will notice that you can buy a variation of almost any kind of food featuring one or more of those 4 things. I always thought that was a little weird.

Solid chocolate peanut M&Ms are always a bit of a disappointment. I also seem to find D-shaped regular M&Ms fairly frequently.

When I was a kid we used to get a generic kind of cheese curls, and they often had a big blob of greasy cheese flavoring at the bottom of the bag. It sounds awesome but tastes REALLY gross :smiley:

We also used to get a generic kind of Doritos, and sometimes you would get two chips fused together that were especially oily and gross.

Came here to mention Whoppers. Always a few of those “deflated” ones in the package.

I have a peanut M&M that looks like a boob.