The Mystery of the Unwrapped Peppermint Pattie

I purchased a bag of York Peppermint Patties from Kmart, this morning. The bag was sealed and had like 25 small, individually wrapped, dark chocolate covered, peppermint patties. All of the patties were there, wrapped up snugly, as usual.

But then there was this one empty wrapper. It had been opened on both sides and I could see the chocolate smears, so I know there was a chocolate in there at one time. How it got into my bag, I don’t know?

Maybe one of the peeps working the line as a bag filler got hungry, enjoyed a pattie, then hid the evidence inside my bag before it got sealed?

I dunno…But it was very weird.

Has this happened to anyone else, here?

I was in BK once, where you have to tear open a thousand little paper packets of black pepper that isn’t even fresh enough to make you sneeze if you snorted a line of it. I found one packet, completely sealed, but empty. I demanded my money back, but they just sneered.

The rest of them must have ganged up and eaten that one. Once they get the taste of peppermint, there’s no turning back.

Concur. It is not uncommon for fetus patties to consume their siblings in-fasciculum.


There can only be one Pattie! And everyone knows Pattie is a cannibal. A peppermintabal? I feel better now knowing that nothing weird happened. I have the rest of them sealed in a ziploc bag. I now fully expect them to all disappear, one-by-one, until one giant fatty Pattie is left.

Additional mysterious points for your amusement:

I won’t say all candy companies use mechanical bagging machinery, but I’d bet $$ York does. The only time a human comes in contact with the product is (maybe) to dump the bags in a shipper, or, if even that is mechanical, to tape the box shut (and even that might be mechanically done).

The big candy companies put HUGE plates of their product out for the employees to snarf as much as they can, as it cuts down on theft. I’ve heard it doesn’t take much to put you off candy.

Your problem was probably a new roll of wrappers coming onto the line as the old one ran out. The pattie escaped, hollering I’m free, I’m free and was soon squished by work boots.

York doesn’t make Peeps. :smiley:

Ah, so it’s more like The Great Escape… the OP got James Coburn’s character, and there’s a peppermint patty hiking over the alps as we speak. The rest are lined up in the field, saying, “well, at least one of us made it out…”

But, count your M&Ms folks sometimes they cheat you out of upwards of 3 per bag. It adds up, peeps or no peeps.
My peeps like the same number in every bag.
I am writing a letter to the PTB tonight.

On another consumer item, one time I got some garbage bags that were sealed on 4 sides. Stupid, I tell ya

Burpo you kill me.

^ PTB = Peeps that be?

Or maybe Pattie fell in love with a peep. That’s why she ran off, so they could be together.


This isn’t The Great Escape. It’s A Love Story!

“Love means never having to say you’re a peep.”

Although, being a peep is nothing to be ashamed of.

Their children will be Peepermint-patties.

Peepa’s for short.

I have a friend that worked his way through college in the early '80s working at a chain donut store…he once told me store policy was to eat as many donuts as you wanted…I was like, “Really, so everyone ate donuts all day long???”, he said, no, it usually only took a week or two for the new employees to be so sick and tired of donuts that they rarely touched them after that…

Don’t call my Peepas short. That’s not sweet at all.
All the Peep-kin will be up in arms!
(Oh god, they don’t have widdle arms:0!!)

Peepa’s are much bigger than Trump’s hands. In fact, they’re so Yuge they don’t even need hands. Arms, neither. They can karate chop you with their thoughts.

Congratulations–you have been chosen by the Zeta Reticulans.

I think perhaps, the Peppermint Pattie exists, it is you that doesn’t.

I thought it was spelled “Patty”? And that Charles Schulz got a share of all sales, since the candy was named after one of his characters, was it not? [I would have sworn I saw some ads years ago using said character to sell the candy]

Am I sadly mistaken?