Packers' Johnny Jolly suspended for 2010 season.

Jolly is suspended for at least the 2010 season and possibly beyond for violating League substance abuse policy. He’s also facing jail time stemming from a drug bust in Houston.

That should make for a nice, porous D-line for All Day to exploit twice this year.

From the link:

*Jolly was arrested after 1 a.m. on July 8, 2008, in the parking lot of a Houston club known for drug and gun use.

A police gang unit pulled his car over because of excessive noise coming from amplified bass music. Jolly was arrested on a charge of possession of a controlled substance after police “smelled the strong odor of codeine” in cups in the vehicle, according to the police report. Lab tests subsequently confirmed the codeine.*

The utter stupidity displayed here is amazing, though I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me. He’s got an NFL contract, he knows he is subject to drug testing, and that his continued employment depends on passing those tests,he’s using an illegal substance in a place he has to know the cops will be watching, AND he’s doing it while attracting maximum attention to himself with loud music.

What a dummy.

I didn’t know codeine had an odor. Huh; learn something new every day.

I don’t think it does, I’m guessing cough syrup.

Dude, seriously? Cups of Robitussin in a car blasting music in the parking lot of a known problem area?

C’mon. How freakin’ dumb can you possibly get?

Yup, alas, a moron. (And, that’s coming from a Packer fan.)

Still, Dio, I think the Vikes still outscore the Packers for stupid behavior over the past few years. coughpartyboatcough

Has his agent announced his 2011 contract with the Bengals yet?

Good riddance. I’m pretty sure the codeine thing with Jolly is the same drink (“Purple Drank”), that Jamarcus Russell got caught with recently (and has apparently been using for quite awhile). I wish the Pack would’ve dumped him before the suspension though.

I’m guessing, though, that the Pack saw this coming. They moved Ryan Pickett from NT to DE, they drafted both Mike Neal in the second round and CJ Wilson in the 7th (a great pick by the way). If Raji continues to improve, Justin Harrell stays healthy and can rotate in, and Neal is ready to play in the NFL, they may not even miss him that much.

One of our local sportstalk hosts invented what he called “the athlete’s wheel of misfortune.” It had five parts: guns, drugs, alcohol, women, late-night clubs and SUV’s. Any two of them combined were sure to end up on the front page.

Six parts.

It’s my understanding that the sixth is implied in the first five. :wink:

Har-de-har. You’re just jealous that you don’t have a coaching staff that’s capable of polishing a turd into a diamond or a thug into a flawless angel.


Plus we already are bringing in the NFL’s 4th ranked defense and added some DE strength in the draft. We don’t need him.

Man, that “purple drank” stuff kills people (and it must taste awful!)…I can’t believe these guys would even mess with it.

It seems like when rappers rap about something “cool” athletes pick it up faster than Paris Hilton picks up STDs (yeah, I was struggling for a simile there). If you see something stupid and reckless on BET late night you can pretty much assume 10% of the NBA and NFL are onboard.

He was arrested two years ago and is just getting suspended now?

I googled it to see what it is…basically cough syrup, 7-Up, and Jolly Ranchers candy. WTF? Why would anybody drink that? Especially a guy with an NFL paycheck, that can afford to drink the finest Bourbon, Scotch, etc?

Sure, when I was young and broke, I’d drink “Old Horse Piss” or whatever the cheapest booze I could find was called. Now, I can afford better, and there’s no way I’d voluntarily go back to drinking rotgut.

They drink it for the codeine, apparently.

It’s not just cough syrup. Its Codine Cough Syrup. The opiates involved are much more than just hooch and the health risks are much greater. The candy is probably to mask the hideous flavor.

I’ll come in again.

Did any Vikings actually miss any games due to that scandal?

No. Fred Smoot and Bryant McKinnie were both fined one game check each by the NFL (which precluded the Vikings from taking action against them).

McKinnie got a seven year contract extension the next week. :smiley: