Page Cannot Be Displayed

Been getting this message on a regular basis along with There seems to be a problem with the data base…. Mean anything? Are we getting close to another crash?

The Page… message has been appearing on my screen in the mid morning hours. No probs in the afternoons, although it is slow getting into the MB.

Right now it is 10:57 EDT and this is my second attempt to send this post. After the first try (when I finally got SDMB to load) I got the data base message, so I keyed completely out of SDMB and came back in from my Favorites.



(Who along with countless others would pay to post here ;))

I tend to get that message between 9:30 and 10 am GMT, but I have always assumed that that is the hamsters nap-time…

Other than that, I tend not to see it much…


I also get that message from time to time. I just figured that a lot of people are on the boards at that time and the server was just too busy. I just come back about 10 minutes later and it’s okay.

AFAIK that message is not indicative of any deeper problem than the standard issue of “too many people using the SDMB simultaneously.”