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When you post a reply, it returns you to the first page. Should it not return you to the last page? Pass that along to the UBB people.

I’ll second that vote (UBB willing and the bugs don’t rise).


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t lion

I cast my ballot in favor

How about being able to access any page in a thread instead of loading the first page everytime? Next to the title of the thread we could have 1, 2, 3… written and be able to click the pages number. Just a suggestion.

I want to go to the last page first as well.

Me too. “And the last shall be first…” :wink:

This is pretty obviously a UBB issue, as opposed to a SDMB issue. Which gives me an idea.

TUBADIVA, when we have brainstorms/complaints/etc. like this and you go to UBB on our behalf, should we also bombard them with email? On the one hand, it would reinforce your point. On the other, I’d hate for them to hate you because of our mail volume.

Tell us what you think.

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