Pagging the near-sighted; my contact lenses are making me feel weird


I got new contact lenses two days ago and the prescription was markedly stronger than my last one, which was about 18 months old. I’ve been wearing these puppies and have the distinct feeling of cross-eyed-ness. Things are clear, yet strangely disorienting. Now, I’ve been wearing glasses for the last couple months & thought it might be a re-adjustment thing or that maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m feeling, well, almost dizzy. Will this disoriented feeling fade away? Should I just go with the flow for a few weeks? I’m at a loss.

A few points:

  1. I’ve worn contacts for at least a decade, just not in the past month
  2. The dizzyness feels like it might be getting worse, but it’s just been a day or so…

I have been wearing extremely high powered contact lenses since the age of 5 and every time I get a new pair (semi rigid gas permeable) it takes a couple days to really adjust. But, finding a Dr. that really know what they are doing when measuring the eye is VERY difficult.

If your lens weight or power are off by even a hair, it can make all the difference. If after, say four days, you have not fully adjusted - go back to your eye Dr. immediately and get refitted. It is very dangerous to force the eye and its mucles to adapt to an ill fitting lens and can potentially cause additional problems.

What MADAME said. I had some contacts that were a step stronger, and after a few days had the exact feelings you describe. Called my dr. and he said go back to the old ones. If you don’t adjust or at least begin to adjust in a day or two, it’s too strong.

(is it just that my new prescription is too strong? or am I adjusting to it?)

Good advice. I’ll give it till Friday–I got 'em Monday. I also will learn how to spell in thread titles between that time.

Also check that you have the right contacts in the right eyes. The 1 or 2 times I experienced the symptoms you describe, I accidently put the right contact in my left eye, and vice versa. I have different prescriptions for both eyes, as well as astigmatism. YMMV.

My eyes are equally useless, so the right/left issue is moot.

hi …

this happens to me sometimes and there is like a little dot that you cannot see in the middle of the contact… you have to get a new one… bc no matter how hard you try it doesnt come out! so frustrating! lol…
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