I dipped into the CoronaVirus Breaking News thread and it a serious PITA without pages (and click on Last Page ability). Yeah, I know, the scrollbar, but it’s an analog substitute for a digital solution.

I hadn’t realized how much I like the ability to start reading a long thread on the last page, to see if the discussion was worth my time, before starting back on the first page…

Hear, hear!

There are many things I’m not liking about this new software but the infinite scrolling is likely a dealbreaker for me using this site.

Yep… shit’s getting old already without the pagination. It’ll take some getting used to.


There’s a slider bar on the left* that shows where you are in a thread and allows quick movement to the end (or wherever you want).

(*at least in my theme/system)

I don’t particularly like infiniscrollers, but this one seems to be done right.

At least, the back function of my browser actually takes me back to where I came from.

That has always been my approach. :slight_smile:

Whatever button or combination of buttons your browser uses to take you all the way to the bottom of the page, seems to work here as well to take you to the end of the thread.

This board seems to do a better job than vB did of remembering where you left off in each thread that you’ve already read, and taking you to the next post when you go back to the thread. vB got that wrong a lot.

When all else fails (both in the old board and this one), I just go to the end and scroll up until I find the last post I already read.

I think pagination (lack of it) is the biggest problem for me.

I can navigate just fine. I’m not a ‘techie’, but I’m familiar with computer basics. This forum design is just too ‘busy’ for me, and having to scroll down endlessly is distracting.

I’m with Snowboarder - this is a potential deal-breaker. I’ll give it a shot, though.

All of that being said, I sincerely thank Tubadiva and others for their efforts. I know it’s easy to sit here and whinge, but it takes real people doing real work to make something happen, and I appreciate the efforts. Accordingly, I’ll give it a go for as long as I can.

You’re having to scroll a lot now, but once you’ve read a thread it should take you to where you left off when you next dip in.

For long threads that I haven’t read yet, when I want to see where the discussion has gotten to I hit the End key to take me to the bottom of the page. If whatever I’m on has no end key I use the Page Down.

For my phone or iPad I use the little slider at the right of the screen, takes a nanosecond to get to the bottom.

New thing I just figured out. “Page Up” & “Page Down” keys work great in skipping quickly through long threads.

This just might be better than pagination, IMO.

Unfortunately, when you post a reply it takes you to the bottom of the thread, because of course you want to read what you just posted. :smiley: And if you’ve read the bottom post, then you obviously have read all the other posts – right? – so if you leave the thread and return to it, it takes you to your post, not the last one you actually read. :frowning:

Not necessarily, from the software’s POV. In an unread thread, do you see little blue dots beside posts? If so, those clear when Discourse considers you to have read the post.

Try scrolling up to the first blue dot, and that might reset your “place” in the thread.

So, having decided to wait it out a bit for some of this stuff to get worked out, i see infinite scroll is still a thing. Are there any plans to implement pagination? Is it even possible on here? The “mark your place in the thread” type thingy just isn’t that useful for me even though it seems to work pretty well for others.

Dork, what theme are you using?

Criminy, took me a minute to remember where it was, SD Light

I was unfamiliar with infinite scrolling when this started, but I’ve come to really like it. I just use that little navigation bar on the right to my heart’s content.

Lemme tell ya one thing I don’t like about infinite scroll:

Every day, I post the Covid-19 numbers in the Covid-19 Break News thread. On the old board, I could go to the last page and quickly find my last post by the presence of my name and the date.

Now I have to go to the latest new post, which is after my last post of the numbers and scroll up some unknown distance until I see my name. Then I have to decipher the horrible timecode to figure out if I’m at yesterday’s post or did I go too far and scroll to a post older than yesterday. But there’s no way (that I know of) for me to jump to my last post or search for my name because yesterday’s posts aren’t loaded in my browser yet.

When we had pages, at least the whole page loaded into my browser at once and was searchable. It was easier with pages to find older posts to quote or reply to, IMO.

Agreeing with Maserschmidt. There are things I dislike about this version of the boards, but, much to my surprise, I like infinite scrolling – at least, as long as I’ve got the navigation bar. I used to get lost all the time in long multi-page threads, and wind up with seven tabs open to one thread and no idea which one had the post I was trying to refer to. Now I can move the slider and watch the dates and the post numbers change as I move it, to help guide me; and it’s all here on one page. I’d rather have the actual times, but I can work with this. – Snowboarder Bo, mine’s showing me the actual date, which makes it easy to get to yesterday’s; but doesn’t give me the time with the date, which would indeed make it more useful.

With one caveat: I haven’t been knocked off line yet since we moved over here. I’ve no idea how much page I can get at if I’m off line. But I can try using the phone as a hot spot, that usually works, except when everybody else around here is doing the same thing and it gets too slow to function.