Paging Dr. Gannon . . . TV Hunks from Your Childhood

OK, no women (or gay men) are responding to that thread about vintage TV babes . . . So here’s your chance. Here’s the answer I’d posted:

Monte Markham . . . Mmmm . . . He was on two series and guested on just about every TV series in the '60s and '70s. He’s still damn cute, too.

All those cute young doctors: James Brolin, James Franciscus, Chad Everett
John Robinson (Guy Williams)
Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke)
Foghorn Leghorn (OK, so I’m a little strange)

OK, what TV-Land hunks do you fondly recall from childhood?

Just what we needed. Another thread about chads.

A lit - ah say a little?


“A lit - ah say a little?”

Oooh, Delta . . . Don’t do that voice unless you MEAN it.

Did I tell you I was Foghorn Leghorn for Halloween this year?

Yup. Got mah costume raht here in mah closet.

My secret shame…

Greg Evigan of “BJ and the Bear” fame. Boy, I thought he was all that back in my dim dead childhood.

Mom and dad made this face :eek: when I told them my dream was to become a truck driver with a pet chimp.

And now I’m an editor. Sigh Where did it all go so wrong?

Ok, I’ve admitted enough embarrassing stuff to you guys already. I’m not about to tell you that I had a crush on Gopher from The Love Boat when I was just a child. Yes, Gopher. Fred Grandy. That big hunk o’ man. I loved him. I wished I were Julie at the end of the series so I could kiss him. Oh, I loved him. Yes, I DID say Gopher. But I’m not about to tell you that.

The Bravo channel has recently been rerunning “St. Elsewhere” and, while watching it, recalled the huge crush I had on Terence Knox, who played Dr. Peter White. I always conveniently ignored the fact that his character was a complete asshole – a bad doctor, pill-popper, rapist, misogynist who deservedly got killed off by getting shot in the balls halfway through the show’s run. Funny thing is, as I watch it now, I can’t see what I saw in him the first time around.

Paladine—actually, Greg Evigan was really hot stuff in “My Two Dads,” too (I’m an editor, too . . . Hmmm . . . ). I remember thinking how frustrating it must have been to be a teenage girl and not know whether you’re related by blood to Paul Reiser (yuck) or Greg Evigan (hubba hubba!). I’d have gone out for DNA tests so fast . . .

The first one I can remember was David McCallum as the suave and mysterious Ilya Kuryakin.

I also thought Ross Martin was kind of cute in the old Wild Wild West.

I guess I have a soft spot for second bananas. Which sounds somewhat more risque than I intended.

I though Greg Evigan was pretty tasty too.
David Hasselhoff while on Knight Rider
Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard

and my weird one… Darth Vader. I dunno why, all that shiny black leathery stuff, deep voice, realty, really tall. Liked Han Solo too so it was always a toss up.

Randy Mantooth from “Emergency.” I loved him beyond all reason. In fact, I remember throwing a screaming fit once when I couldn’t watch the show.

Also, Lyle Waggoner from “The Carol Burnett Show.” Anybody remember him?

Yeah, Geobabe, Lyle Waggoner was hot city.

How about Tony Danza from his “Taxi” days? Love Italian guys with big sad brown eyes (and tight jeans).

Oooh, yeah! [singing]BJ McKay and his best friend Bear[/singing] Count me in among the Greg Evigan fan club.

Hey, I just realized something…

Tony Danza–> big sad brown eyes
Pugs–> big sad brown eyes

Tony Danza–> tight rear end
Pugs-- tight rear ends

Do I see a pattern here?

Green Bean: I’ll go along with the big sad brown eyes parallel, but where I come from, the pugs’ buns are definitely not tight!

Oh, please! You think you were the only one? Oh, man, he was IT for me! I mean, at summer camp, my nickname was Gopher, because I just thought he was the best!

Trust me, you weren’t alone. :slight_smile:

[Big Fat Hijack] (sorry, she doesn’t have her email listed)
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Nick Adams from “The Rebel” – little guy, but so cute.

Clint Walker from (just now forgot – a western – my mom was hot for him too)

Clint Eastwood from Rawide

Lee Majors from – what was the name of that one? Barbara Stanwyck starred. Dangit.

Except for westerns, the guys from the TV shows of the 60’s were mostly just too slick looking, too polished, no raw edges. Even the cowboys used too much Brylcreem.

James West (Robert Conrad) and his shiny vests in “Wild Wild West”

Mrs. Chalupa pipes in with Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors) in “The Rifleman” ("…and his son too"), Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood)-“Rawhide,” Little Joe (Michael Landon) and Adam (Pernell Roberts) Cartwright in “Bonanza”…

(Hunny starts getting a little starry-eyed and leaves the room)

Hi Eve!