paid surveys online ?

Are the paid surveys online legitimate, or are they just another scam? I am skeptical of the claims of thousands of $ that can be made just filling out surveys. However ,if they are legitimate, making a few dollars,could be a nice pastime for a retiree. Any one have any experiences with this,positive or negative?


I’ve signed up for the idea on a site that leads to a bunch of “paid” survey sites, but so far the only offers of pay have turned out to be one of the following a)entering you in a sweepstakes for money, b) giving you a chance to win the product that the company manufactures, or coupons for that product (!), or c) paying you your $1 only after you refer a friend who then fills out the survey and doesn’t get paid.

None of this really seems like “being paid to ifll out surveys” (imagine if at our jobs we were offered a sweepstakes entry as our “pay”), although I must admit that I haven’t spent a whole lot of time pursuing it. YMMV, but it seems to me that it is yet another Good Old American Capitalist Scam. It continues to amaze me how some companies can blatantly lie and get away with it.

It seems to me that the old adage “if it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is” fits quite nicely here.

Many of the sites that promise you money for filling out a survey are just a front for companies recruiting credit card applications. You have to be approved and make a qualifying purchase before you’ll get paid. What you get is a small portion of the fee that these outfits earn as a referral fee from the credit card companies. It’s the same M.O. of the “free gift card” or “free iPod” pitches.

How true ! You & several other responses have verified my suspicions.

I don’t have any direct experience with this myself but I have read reputable articles about real people earning some money with online surveys. From what I remember, the ones that actually pay require a significant amount of time and they don’t pay that much $5 - $20 or something like that. The work is irregular too although I believe there are ways to get on lists of dependable survee participants.

There are paid surveys online. I’ve belonged to one that did pay cash for my opinions.

The problem was that they were selective on who got to answer those surveys (most just entered you into a sweepstakes drawing), and the payment was never more than $5.

I do take part in a couple of surveys where you earn points for answering questions and then redeem the points for prizes. I’ve gotten a few CDs that way.

But to actually make enough money to buy more than a few beers a year is impossible. The sites that promote such things are usually just taking your money.