Pain in the asteroid

So who at the Sci Fi Channel thought it might be a good idea to produce yet another big-honking-chunk-o-rock-falls-from-sky movie when we’ve just (a couple of years ago) sat through a couple of not particularly good movies on the subject? Especially when they’re not ringing any particularly new changes on the theme? I mean you’ve got the plucky heroine astronomer who singlehandedly saves the planet a couple of times, you’ve got the secret government weapon that’s conveniently just powerful enough to fracture the asteroid, and you’ve got bad science out the wazoo. You’ve also got scenes of crowds apparently outrunning explosions, and, just in case things were dramatic enough, those near and dear to the plucky heroine are in the path of the meteorite strikes.

I was wincing last night when three stealth fighters carrying lasers were somehow able to demolish a nickel-iron asteroid 10km or so across. Three fighters wielding more firepower than the Death Star? I cringed when everyone cheered and went home, never thinking that conservation of momementum meant that a gazillion tons of red hot rock was still heading for Earth at exactly the same trajectory as the original asteroid. (But somehow the lasers deflected the mass enough so that everyone had time to go home and get a good night’s sleep before meterorites started falling.)

And the really sad thing is that ever since "Must See TV" turned into "Must Not See TV", this is the best thing on.