Paint for marking luggage?

I want to stencil identifying marks on my luggage. The maker’s website says it’s made of polyester. What kind of paint should I use?

Honestly i would just you a X of duct tape or something similar you might be able to find iron on decale at a local craft shop though

How about a light colored (gold, silver, white) indelible marker? My kids routinely take these to concerts, to have the band sign black T-shirts.

My dad uses paint markers

I agree with indelible markers. I use Sharpies ordinary permanent markers in various colors. These will do fine on polyester and ballistic nylon. If the luggage is black you’ll need the Sharpie paint markers, I think.

Automotive spray paint seems to adhere nicely to almost anything. You might want to test in a small inconspicuous area first to make sure it won’t dissolve the plastic .

I bought some dazzling hot pink shoe laces, and tied them around the handles of my luggage. No problem finding them, and the luggage doesn’t get damaged.

Yes, this is what I’m concerned about. I was wondering what kind of paint goes well on polyester or nylon.

Why don’t I want to use markers? I want to stencil bright yellow Toasterman* logos on my stuff. :slight_smile:

I have to admit that the shoelaces are a great idea, though.

[sub]*Toasterman: Earth’s crumbiest superhero. Invented by me around 1984. [/sub]

When four of us flew to Ireland last month my friend put a piece of flourencent orange and also green around the handles of all of our bags. Made picking them off the carousal a snap.

How about Krylon Fusion for Plastic paints? It should work on polyester without the need for primer. It also conveniently comes in Gloss Sunbeam, a bright yellow that you should be able to spot on luggage carousels from Toronto to Tokyo. If you want to classy it up a bit, try Krylon Fusion for Plastic Metallic Shimmers. Blonde Shimmer is sorta gold.

How about craft paints? The linked article goes into details on how to personalize softside luggage. The process seems a bit involved, but looks like the artwork would last. Dig the groovy paint job on the bag in the picture.

Should you end up with automotive paint, look for one specifically for bumpers. Bumpers, like your luggage, are flexible plastic, so bumper paint is made with a “flex additive” (according to my brother, who used to paint cars). Otherwise, the paint will flake right off. I’m not sure, but you may need a primer layer before you spray the automotive paints. Ask your paintman for details.

By the way, what does the Toasterman logo look like? Is it Googleable?

A friend of mine used to leave a little corner of an undershirt tail sticking out of the end.

Thanks! I’ll have a look for that tomorrow.

Very interesting.

Not sure whether I’ll end up there, but a visit to Canadian Tire isn’t ruled out.

Dear Og, it is. A web page that I decommissioned a year and a half ago! It’s the bread outline with a bolt of lightning.

(And it’s amazing how many other people have had the idea. When I was in animation school, people thought I got the idea from Kricfalusi’s Powdered Toast Man. But I didn’t. II had it first. It’s mine! Mine! All mine! Bwa-ha-ha…)

Cool logo. Bold and easy to recognize from a distance. If you’re good with masking tape, how about doing the bread in gold metallic and the lightning bolt in bright yellow? Or do a negative and just mask off the logo and spray everything else? Please post pictures of the results. It may inspire me to personalize my little bag to make it look different than the 20 others just like it in my shinkansen car.

And thanks for reminding me of Canadian Tire. I knew they’d have it but I’d forgotten its name. One day I’ll have to stop by the famed store. I’ve heard it’s even more of a man’s playground than Farm and Home Supply.