Paint on the bathtub

Whats a good way to get semi gloss paint off my bathtub without hurting the finish?

Is the tub cast iron or fiberglass?
Is the paint oil or latex?

With a cast Iron tub, I’d just use some Bix stripper (dichloromethane). That’d probably be death on fiberglass.

cast iron with the enamled coating

Carefully warming it with a hot air gun should make it soften and peel. If your bathtub has anything other than a vitreous enamel coating, this could be disastrous though.

BTW, was ‘bathtun’ a typo? It appears to be a valid word.

Have you tried a razor blade?

Softscrub cleaner. Probably safest for the finish, and paint shouldn’t be that hard to get up.

Goof-Off or Goo-Gone both work on dried latex paints. Standard disclaimer-try a small area with a q-tip prior to going into rag and rub mode.