Paint storage ideas?

Like most everyone else I’ve got several cans of leftover paint. Unfortunately, traditional a paint can will rust around the lip sometimes contaminating the paint. Also pouring the paint can be sloppy. Has anyone used Ball Mason jars. If so, are there any issues w/regard to the rubber “gasket” and latex paint? Any better ideas?

I have stored vast quantities of paint in jars. Latex or acrylic does well. It doesnt seem to affect the lid. I am careful to not get paint on the rim when i fill them or after use to facilitate opening later.The temperature affects paint more than anything. I painted a mural last year and brought a bunch of paint home. It is oil based. I put it in plastic pails with screw on lids. I opened some up last week to paint a bench and it was fine.
ETA I got the plastic pails at dollartree, they are for cereals or something.

Good to know this - Thanks. I have quite a bit of left-over paint as well, and leaving it outside (especially in excessive heat or cold) can ruin this. The plastic pails are a great idea.

I paint a lot. I find if I use one of these:
I don’t get paint on the rim and therefor no rusting.


The best way is follow storage guidelines/instructions from manufacturer. You can find them on paint bottle. If not mentioned, you can contact manufacturer via call or email! You can also Google the same or you can find the same question at Quora but before that I would recommend you to know about paint fist