Paintball players on the SDMB?

Well, I went paintballing today with my friend, and 3 guys and 2 girls that I just met today but they all knew each other. It was only my second time, but I’m already pretty good. I guess my years of playing hide and seek and laser tag have payed off. Well, I only ‘died’ twice on the field from enemy fire, but man, my own team killed me more than the opposing team! (Even though the refs didn’t call me ‘dead’, but still)

The first instance was when one of the girls who went with us shot me in the leg. We were just kneeling in a bamboo tunnel, I was on point looking for enemy players, kneeling on my right knee, when out of nowhere POOFT she shoots me behind my knee from a distance of about a foot.

“Oh I’m so sorry!!” she says.
I think to myself, “She wants me.”
She says, “Are you alright??”
“Yes, it’s ok, just watch where you’re pointing that thing” I respond.
Eventually she calmed down, only to get shot on the butt to be removed from the game by an opposing team member.

The second instance was when my team was making a big rush up the middle of the field to get the enemy flag. I had just occupied an empty bunker, when PAFT PAFT PAFT someone with a super-semi paintgun hits me witha 3-round burst right on my back. Nothing much happened from this one since the guy then ‘killed’ two enemies who had my pinned down. “Sorry!” he yells to me after they’re dead.

The third and final incident was when I was walking to get my CO2 tank filled. Some jerk-off in the practice range had just finished practicing, and had forgotten to put his barrel plug in. Now, this idiot was maybe 12 years old, with what look like a $1000 gun, fully decked out with all the latest gizmos and enhancements you can get.

Then he dropped his gun. I laughed.

Then the gun started shooting uncontrollably on the ground, grazing a few people. I laughed harder.

Then it hit me. It hit my testicles. I stopped laughing. I was in the worst agony I’ve ever felt. When I was better, that kid was lucky he had already left, because I was going to shove the $200 barrel straight up his ass and force-feed him his paint.

I was lucky I was wearing boxers under the shorts I had under my pants, or else I would be suffering from a majorly swollen testicle right now.

That bastard.

Anyways, that was my experience of the day.

Well, your thread title seemed to ask about players on the board. Last Saturday I went with some guys from my church, I was the only girl there. I won’t go into detail about my experience, but I had a good time.

I love paintballing.

I consider myself real good, but I think most of is thus far has been flukes. I’m far more adept with a blade than a gun, but I seem to have some kind of instinct for warfare. Dosn’t matter, win or lose, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

As for war stories…

Ever had a paintball bounce off you? Happened to me. Since the breaking of the ball usually absorbs most of the impact, they dont usually hurt. This didnt break, so I took the entire impact right in the ribs. I imagine the pain to be somewhat similar to being hit with a bean bag bullet. I managed to limp into the ‘safe’ area before collapsing to one knee and riding it out. I then got in deep shit for forgetting to put my plug back in. mmft.

Another time me and a buddy were holed down in a small bunker by insane amounts of fire. My buddy, the smart guy he is, fired a few blind rounds around the corner. Almost immediatly we hear the loudest, most bloodcurlding man-shriek we’ve ever heard, followed immediatly by a cry of “WHO FIRED THAT?!”. He had hit one of the game coordinators in a testicle. They never found out who it was. :smiley:

I was in a standout with another guy, both of us on opposite sides of a wall. We both tried the same move at the same time; we ran out and, still running, turned to fire on the other. I managed to get him in the gut, but I took one on my wrist, on bare skin, at a distance of less than a foot. It tore a paintball-sized swath of flesh right off me. The wound was blue for a loooonnnggg time.

All of the above was INCREDIBLY amusing to me. I’m getting giddy thinking about it :smiley:

So… do I have a rep as a pain glutton yet, or what?

Hmmmm, I have to say that I came here thinking that you were a regular player, but from what I gather you play recball on occassion. Meh, either way, its all good.

I play on an NPPL 5 man Amateur B team called “No Effect”. We play tournaments in the Chicagoland area, and we recently took second place down in Peoria. We are 15-16 years old, and we have equipment that costs over two thousand dollars apiece. We frequently get dirty looks from people who come out to play and see a bunch of young guys with flashy guns tearing up the field. You should feel what it’s like to be on the giving end of a “super-semi” firing 13 balls per second in semi-automatic. :smiley: But enough about that, I have some of my own stories.
Playing at an outdoor field, I was on a hill about a hundred yards across an open field from the last man remaining. I was also out of paint. Since he wasn’t looking in my direction, I got up and sprinted clear across towards him.

At twenty feet, I yelled for him to surrender (still running at full tilt). He raised his gun, fired three shots, and missed.

His fourth did not.

When his paintball hit me, I was literally on top of him, (still running). The ball traveled from his gun, straight up, under my mask, and hit me in the mouth. I was spitting out paint for four hours.
Another time, when I was first getting into paintball, I thought I could be a sniper. I was waddling up a trail. (The best way I can describe it is sitting on your feet). As I made my way past a bush, I heard it rustle. I turned and looked just in time to see a barrel poke out and fire three times at point blank. I was hit on the inside of the thigh, the neck, and the back of my hand. I had blood streaming down my leg, and a welt on my neck.

But on the real, paintball is extremely safe, and if you wear the right clothing, harmless. Play paintball!

I use to play occassionally with the Wright State University Team. I was the machin-gunner. We had a fully automatic paintball gun that scared the heck out of everybody. Most inaccurate gun ever though. I once ran out of ammo but managed to get folks on the other team shot by running up behind them and dry firing at them. They jumped up from their cover in surprise and got shot by my teammates from the other side.

Scariest moment I ever had was after I and a bunch of other folks were already dead. We we were hanging out in the dead zone in the parking lot listening to the sounds of battle in the nearby woods.

Boom boom boom.

“Sounds pretty close.”


“Sounds real close!”

Paintballs came flying out of the woods coloring gravel and impacting cars. None of us had masks or goggles on so we all dove for cover behind the cars. It looked like a scene from a news documentary. The guilty shooter hadn’t realized he was that close to the edge. He was the only one using blue paint that day. And his car was the one that got hit the most.

Hmmmmmmmm…I’ve never played, but would love to!

I think I’ll wear a cup though…:smiley:

A cup, (preferably a “soft” one, the hard plastic kind is not needed) heavy duty cargo pants or jeans, a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt over that, gloves, and a neckguard. With that setup you can move easily without compromising your safety.