Painting problem

Doing some dry wall repairs. Took the old can of ceiling paint to the store we had originally bought it from, had them mix it up and used it on the ceiling. It looked fine at first but dried much darker. What is the best way to alleviate this problem. Use primer? Stick some white in the new paint? Tell the guy at the paint store the problem and see what he says?

Make a new mix, and then paint only part of the ceiling with the new paint. Wait for it to dry and see if the color is what you want. If not, add white paint or new pigment and repeat as necessary. There’s really no other way. Also, keep in mind that a light color surrounded by a dark color will look lighter than it will by itself, so if you have a lot of time on your hands, you may want to paint the ceiling white first.

Also, and this is just my humble opinion, rare is the ceiling that looks good that is not off-white.

By new mix, do you mean taking the printed recipe back to the store and have more made up? The just made it up yesterday, but the difference is significant between the new and existing that I am thinking they could have made a mistake. And if not, adding small amounts of white to the mix to lighten might work?

How big is the room? Just paint the whole ceiling.

This. From my experience, it’s almost impossible to get a perfect blend between old paint and new paint even if it’s supposedly the same mix from the same manufacturer. Old paint changes color over time. Best way is to put on a new undercoat to the whole ceiling and repaint. It’s probably not much more work.

Unfortunately, it is a massive amount of work. The ceiling starts at 9 feet and peaks at 15 feet or so. It can only be done with great trouble and expense, including scaffolding. So we are desperately trying to fix the problem of the mismatched paint.

Yes. It’s going to cost you about $150 in paint, scaffolding rent and painting supplies. It’s also going to require you to take a vacation day so you have a three day weekend to complete the task.

Isn’t home ownership wonderful? :wink:

Never gonna match. Re-paint the whole ceiling or live with it.

I suspect we are going to find out many hours were spent trying to match it, then it will be done right at some point.

Why do we never have enough time and money to do it right the first time, but always have enough to do it right the second time?

Since you mention different heights – are there ‘seams’ in the ceiling? Where various flat expanses come together at angles?

If so, you could try (with an approximately ‘correct’ shade of white) painting only up to the surrounding seams. Our eyes are used to seeing paint look different on different walls because of the light hitting at different angles, so I bet your mind would interpret it just as ‘different light effect’ rather than ‘different color.’

Drywall repairs? Can you take an old piece of the drywall with the correct color on it to a paint store that has the technology to match the color?

Get a checkbook. Hire a painter.

This. Sunlight will change the paint over time. Even if you don’t smoke, the particles in your breath, your sweat, the air, the kitchen vapours, all will interact with the paint, and some will leave a residue or coating over the paint. It will take time and be hard to see with the naked eye, but with new colour, the difference will stand out.

Won’t match.