Painting toenails?

I read in a magazine yesterday that several men fantasize about painting women’s toenails. This stunned me–and what’s a trip is I already have dated a guy who told me his ultimate sexual fantasy was just that.

I do NOT get this fantasy. Anyone out there share it? Anyone out there experience it? Toe sucking I get, but painting toenails? Please explain…why?

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I don’t know about that…
But on a tangent I know I like to have my toenails painted…its my own little way of flipping off the teacher behind his back!

Lots of people with foot fetishes love painting toe-nails. Since I have a bad back, I get mine painted all the time- not particularly sexual for me, but for some I guess it’s quite a thrill…But anyway, it’s along the same lines as toe sucking…

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I don’t have a foot-fetish but I have painted several women’s toenails. I just see it as another way to show the woman I love how much I care for her. Just like foot & hand massages, neck rubs, rub-downs, etc.

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Other body parts are more important to me than well painted toe nails.

Well i don’t get off on it, but I like to paint womens toenails.

Just add water, it makes it’s own sauce!

Ever see the credits sequence of Kubrick’s LOLITA?

FWIW, I personally prefer to see women’s toenails unpainted (not that it’s a deal-breaker or anything).

YIKES! Several of my “guy friends” have painted my toenails - THAT’S why they were so enthusiastic about it!! I just really appreciated the help. I’m not disabled, just really lazy.

Where are we going?
And why am I in this handbasket?

On the other side of this…I love to paint boyfriends toenails. Strange I know, but it is good clean drunken fun.

EEEWWW!! I have uglyuglyUGLY feet because I studied ballet for eight years (each of my big toenails has fallen off more than three times…luckily, never concurrently) so I cannot STAND to have anyone touch them. I generally keep my toenails painted some freakish color in hopes of distracting the eye from the overall repulsiveness of my feet.

I know that a fair number of guys are into feet, & the only I can think of is that a fair number of girls have better-looking feet than I do.