Pale Moon Browser questions

I should ask this at the PM Forums, but I’m here so…

WinXP & PM Version: 26.4.1 (Atom/WinXP)


I screwed up and deleted some bookmarks that I didn’t mean too. I have a backup .json file from early this month, but it will overwrite newer bookmarks that haven’t been backed up yet. Is there a way to fix this, maybe merge 2 .json files?

Reopening PM after a forced shutdown:

Sometimes the browser freezes and I have to force a shutdown with the Task Manager or even turning the computer off/on. Reopening PM after that and it tries to open all the tabs or the page I was on. Is there a way to prevent that?

Opening thee JavaScript Console:

None of these work.

From Cookie Clicker Wiki

Any ideas, besides the “Get a New computer”? :wink:
Thank You:)

With regard to the bookmarks question - you can export bookmarks to HTML and when you re-import them they get merged. So I would load the json bookmarks, export to HTML, repeat for the other json, then import both HTML one after the other to merge them.

That’s the very first setting under Options/General: “When Pale Moon starts:”

If you’re having problems, you might want to boot Pale Moon in safe mode by running it while holding Shift. You can then disable/reset stuff that you’re willing and able to, which should help diagnose and isolate the problem.

CTRL + Shift + K works for me, but you can also get to the console from the main Pale Moon menu in the top left, under the Web Developer options

Thank You, this worked great! It saved all my cat porn bookmarks.:wink:

Yes, I have that set to Blank Page, and that is what happens normally. It’s only after a force shutdown, that the browser tries to restore the last session.

All that is there is the Error Console, and that doesn’t let you enter any code.


Is there a list of known limitations of Pale Moon on WinXP? I can’t look it up right now, but I bet that’s what is. You might try a portable version, but probably not, since that’s just a WAG.