Palin Resigns as Gov? WTF?

What is going on here? The 2012 presidential election isn’t for another 3 1/2 years. Is she really in that much trouble up in Alaska that she was in danger of being booted out of office. Or is she just bored with the whole idea of running a government on a daily basis?

I don’t get it (yet). If she’s running for POTUS, she should finish her term as Gov., I would think.

Well, I’m betting it’s one of three things.

  1. She has dollar signs in her eyes, and she knows that she can make a mint going around and making anti-Socialist speeches to the Right Wing Paranoiacs for the next three to seven years (at least).

  2. She believes her own hype and thinks she can really get herself into position to hop into the Big Chair in 2012.

  3. Something bad she did just surfaced and if she doesn’t clear out soon her ass is in serious trouble.

She’s dumb enough for it to be #2, slimy enough for it to be #3, but I’m banking on #1. Why do real work when you can have rich backers shovel money at you to go around and smear their opponents? Hell, she’ll probably even get free clothes out of it!


That Vanity Fair article really ripped her a new one. Can’t take the heat maybe?

I wonder if some scandal is on the verge of breaking and she’s resigning preemptively.

Her speech seemed to indicate she’s running for Prez. (but I admit to not really listening over the squawking geese).

She was elected in 2006 and her term ends in 2010, so it looks like she’s about half way through one term. (?) Half baked Alaskan?

I’m watching her on MSNBC right now and she looks incredibly rattled. I can’t wait to hear what happens next.

Wow, the army of Honduras can convince any ruler that is necessary to sign resignation papers…

Internet scuttlebutt has it that there is a scandal.

:Rubs hands together gleefully:

A scandal? You mean one bigger than the ones we’ve already seen?

Look there’s a simple, human explanation. We’re all taking the death of Michael Jackson pretty hard, some of us harder than others, so…

… because she slept with Gov. Mark Sanford?

… because she’s a maverick?

… because she’s running for Senator?

I was going to point out this quote from the CNN version of the news: “The governor’s ‘book deal and other issues’ were ‘causing a lot of friction’ in her home state …”

Well then put the fucking book deal and the other issues on the back burner and govern your fucking state!

But if you’re right, **Peace **(can I call you Peace?), then this will indeed be an interesting news cycle.

Well, hey, the internet people totally nailed it when they started talking about how Sarah Palin faked being pregnant to cover up the fact that Trig was really Bristol’s son, so I can’t see how they could be wrong about that.

To add further conspiratory fuel to the fire: why make this announcement on a Friday at 4:00 EST? Normally, one only floats news bombs at this point in the news cycle so that it will be forgotten about as quickly as possible, as with scandals.

I have no idea what this ditz is doing, whether there’s some half-baked scandal or she really is beginning a presidential run 3 years out, it just seems like an odd time-slot to choose for the news.

It’s all David Letterman’s fault.

Maybe A-Rod really did knock up a Palin daughter? :smiley:

this is totally odd. she was nearly frothing as she was talking. something is very wrong in palin-land.

if a gov. can hold onto his chair with both hands and legs wrapped around it, after commiting adultery/ going awol in argentina; i can’t imagine what could be going on in alaska.

Is she resigning to spend more time with her Argentinian lov… uh… family?

Pretty bizarre. I got part of her speech, and it did sound like she was setting herself up for future political ambitions. But it’s hard to justify this as a good move if she’s trying to be Prez or Senator Palin.

So I’ll guess door number three, she just wants out so she can go on the lucritive right wing book/talk circuit.

I do not think she can start running now. I think there’s a good chance she realized she has no chance and just decided to get out of competitive politics and spend time with her family and make money with books and conferences.

I heard part of her speech on radio and I could barely follow her. :confused: She kept talking about Trig and our troops overseas. I i didn’t know better I’d swear I was listening to another SNL sketch.