Palin Resigns as Gov? WTF?

Sounded like a combination of political cliches and what she felt she accomplished as Governor in a stream of consciousness delivery.


BBC article.

It’s certainly spin, but I do admire the angle. I mean, we have Gordon Brown who’s a total lame duck PM and we have to wait until next year to get rid of him. Further, we also have the examples of Tony Blair who got out while the going was good, and Margaret Thatcher, who didn’t.

Truth is that there still is a lot odd about what she says happened - that she decided to get on a plane from Texas to Alaska and then drive to her small town hospital where she could deliver in privacy with a premature baby and a leaking bag of waters - it was just placed off-limits by the MSM and then lost in the Bristol preggers mix. If what she said happened did happened then she is one irresponsible person who risked a baby’s life for no good reason.

I have no idea why she has resigned and I don’t care. Carry on. :slight_smile:

:eek: Can she really be that delusional?!, the blog to follow for the behind the scenes news of Alaska, is hosed.

Can not get to it, too much traffic.

“Palin’s decision now allows her to avoid the difficult task of running for president while serving as governor.” - Fox News

And Rush will blame it on Obama!

IMHO in the unlikely event that Obama bombs, she has a decent chance of the VP slot. She hasn’t really shown the intellect or the character to be suitable for the top job, but she was great - or rather, appeared to be great - as a cheerleader for McCain.

<snort> PLEASE, not while I’m drinking!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Mark my words. There is something fishy going on in Palin’s life. If she was doing this for positive reasons, she’d be saying what those were and trumpting the move to everyone middle of the week when everyone would pay attention. Doing it on the 3rd of July, in the late afternoon, without any warning it was coming, is an indication there is something up. God alone knows what.
ETA: Of course, it isn’t the late Afternoon in Wasilla, where you can look out and see the midday sun shining on the Russian fisherman homes across the straits. :smack:

I’m vaguely amused that Matt Drudge, while he can’t ignore this entirely, has the announcement in very small red type at the top of his page.

I think the accepted euphemism is ‘you know… “not so fresh”’.

Does this mean I should buy tissues now? Here I was worried that this was prompted by something happening to Trig, given that both DS kids over the age of 5 I knew both had to have open heart surgery, and it turns out that according to the link scr4 gave that it’s something I said just days ago would make me cry instead. sigh.

I just had this exchange with my father who, while very liberal, was fond of Palin (I’m guessing because she was hot, but whatever):

Dad: “Oh, Sarah Palin is smart enough not to quit to start fundraising for a Presidential bi–”


She seemed breathless and frantic as she spoke.

Some speculation elsewhere that maybe Fox or somebody similar offered her mega bucks to be a talking head.

My first thought is that it’s hard to run for President from Alaska. Even this far out, if she wants to be a serious candidate she’s going to have to start hitting the big donors and party insiders very soon. If you’re in the lower 48 it’s easy to get on a plane to a grip-and-grin in Iowa or New Hampshire every weekend, but it’s a little harder for her up in Moose’s Taint.

Maybe with Sanford out of the picture she thinks she has a real shot in 2012, and resigning as Governor will let her make the long trips she’ll need to make. It’ll also let her fill the personal coffers for a while before she has to declare as a candidate.

Then again, there may be a scandal at work.

She was raped by barbed-penis-wielding hellhounds and she’s pregnant with a litter of satanic animals. Trust me, I was there.

Ok, I think it’s seriously time to start a “last (wo)man standing” pool for the Republican nomination in 2012. Seems like all the top candidates are trying as hard as they can to seem unqualified. :eek:

Who’s gonna be left standing? Who can navigate two more years without looking like a political noob/maroon???

The 4:00 pm EDT news cycle (on a Friday) only applies to news coming out of the East. It’s the government and corporate method to bury a story.

Alaskans do it on their own time and could care less what time it is in the Lower 48. At the same time, this being a Friday, major holiday weekend, and most of government and east coat corporates on vacation already, Palin has the entire weekend to herself for news. This story will not die; on the contrary it will be the major news item all weekend, unless North Korea fires that missile.

As for presidential ambitions, this is either a very shrewd move or just plain fucking nuts. Considering her baggage, i think the latter. She is her own liability and it’s not difficult to play off on that.

I don’t think there’s any chance she’ll run for VP again. Ever since the election we’ve heard one insider after another going on about how much she hated being the second banana and how she wasn’t much of a team player. I can’t imagine who would put her on the ticket, and I doubt she’d take it if someone did.

I’d love to think she doesn’t have a shot at the top spot, but the GOP is pretty bereft right now, and her brand of bullshit plays much better than it should in a rational universe.