Palm/Sony Clie software, sync, changes, etc. (Please help...)

Two bosses, each with a Palm they rely upon. Four pcs running WinXP, with Palm software on pcs 1 and 2 and Sony Clie software on 3 and 4.

I need to get the Sony Clie software and datebook/address database on pcs 1 and 4, and the Palm software with datebook/address database on pcs 3 and 2. So I’m only changing software and data on pcs 2 and 4.

I’m a bit nervous about messing this up.

If I uninstall the both softwares (using Add/Remove utility in the Control Panel), then delete all address and datebook databases from those hard drives, and finally, install the software on the correct pcs, will a simple hotsync from pcs 1 and 3 re-build the databases on the correct pcs?

Hotsync makes no sense to me, so I’m a bit skittish that I’ll accidentally wipe out all the info.

I’d sure appreciate some advice/warnings/ assurance from folks who know.

The Sony is a palm OS also?

If so it is pretty easy, just sync the palm device on the computer you want to switch, hotsync manager will reconize the difference and ask you to create a new profile. This info from the palm device should transfer into this profile. You can switch profles w/i the palm desktop softare and most likely delete one if you chose.

You mean I don’t have to uninstall the software? One is Palm, and the other is Sony Clie. Are they interchangeable?

I have a new Sony Clie (SJ-30) and I’m using the desktop software that came with my old Palm M100. No problems here.

Palm desktop is multi-user, so when you start a sync it should create a new profile on that computer if one hasn’t been created before.

Sorry. It’s a Sony SJ-33 :smiley:

Whatever you do, back up the entire Palm/CLIE software directories first. (C:\Program Files\SonyPDA and …\Palm, usually.) The user data is inside those directories. This should allow you to recover from any mistake.