Palm (the computer!) & Database

I just recently purchased a Palm m515 and am looking for something to run on it that’s similar (or identical) to Microsoft Access. Anyone have a recommendation?

Uh, I never actually used it before but have a look at Handmark ( They have some databasey software. I just have the free reader but I think they are prtty much industry standard.

I’m not overly familiar with Microsoft Access, but I run a database program on my Handspring Visor called “SplashID” from SplashData. It allows for the creation of categories and user defined fields within those categories. Access to the data is protected via a password and I believe they use Blowfish encryption, which I’ve heard to be pretty secure.

The software comes with a separate desktop component that you can use to synch the data between your Palm device and your PC. The desktop component makes large amounts of data entry (as when you initially set up the program) easier than putting it all in by hand via Graffiti.

It’s shareware and the cost to register is $19.95. There’s a trial period I believe where you can use it for a while before you decide to register. You can probably get it bundled with several other SplashData apps if there’s any others you like.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with it.

I use and am very happy with ThinkDB from ThinkingBytes . It will sync neatly between Palm app and an Access table. But it’s (very good) database table, not a relational database “similar (or identical) to Microsoft Access”.